Find your vacation love 10 years later: a magical love story

Find your vacation love 10 years later: a magical love story

Them, the summer of their 16 years

A summer family vacation in Vendée. Camping, friends, beach, sun, first parental freedoms from the age of 16. She took the opportunity for two weeks, to create holiday friendships that we promise to be eternal but which will only be fleeting.

Like love ? She and him, they saw each other for the first time on the beach, around a campfire and to the sound of guitars. She plunged into his big blue eyes and fell in love with his slightly rebellious look. When you’re a teenager, an earring is the kind of detail that changes everything. Him ? He simply found her beautiful. Luscious, smiling but shy, she intrigued her.

They had ten days ahead of them, they did not let go. Hand in hand in the campsite, at the beach, at the bar, at the swimming pool. The evidence of love at first sight from the top of their 16 years, the recklessness mixed with the certainty that it will last forever, without really believing it. The importance of the present moment. Its urgency. Until the last day. 

The end of the vacation has arrived, she was leaving before him. The farewells were tearful, touching. But their oath to love each other beyond the distance will have lasted barely a few months. The promises to write and meet again did not survive the winter.

She, ten years later …

She celebrated her 25th birthday with her friends. Dignified, that’s the word. It was a beautiful evening, but joyful and sad at the same time. The split only dates back a few months and it’s the first birthday she’s been celebrating solo for years. This is how it is, this is life.

His life, at the moment, is synonymous with changes. Celibacy, the end of studies, a parallel internship that can become a potential job and this move. After years of living as a couple and returning for a few months to her parents’ history of “turning around” as they say, here she is in her new apartment. To her all alone. Her cocoon that she arranges to feel good, to feel strong, and sometimes to forget this feeling of being incomplete. She doesn’t miss him anymore but she has to get used to celibacy. That is all.

While sorting her things, preparing the boxes, she falls back on old letters. A flood of memories resurfaced. A welcome nostalgia. What did he become ? This handsome brunette with blue eyes, her vacation lover? His address is on the letter, and his parents’ phone number.

She hesitates for a few days. It doesn’t happen, she is going to tell him what, after so many years the approach is strange, he is going to take her for crazy. Worse, he surely doesn’t remember who she is!

After procrastinating for a week letting her old memories of that famous summer occupy all her thoughts, she dares. She falls on her mother, she briefly explains who she is, it makes her smile, she finds the approach sympathetic. She gives him the message and her cell phone number. Will he call her back, send an SMS? Tonight, tomorrow, in a week, ever? And above all, does he remember her?

Him, an hour after that phone call

Leaving work while he was about to get behind the wheel, he receives a call from his mother. She looks happy, she has something special to say to him. He listens to her, opens his eyes wide, smiles and looks back ten years.

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Of course he remembers that summer, of her, of everything. This girl was his first real love even though he never told her. Her first love affair, her first real kisses, her first caresses. He keeps an unforgettable memory of it. And she found him. He finds that incredible. More incredible still, he adores the feeling which rises in him. This curiosity.

He won’t wait long to call her back. That same evening, he telephones her. Of course he remembers her. Of them. From those two weeks of vacation. They exchange their memories before talking about their current lives.

And this will increase for several weeks. Write to each other, phone each other, send each other photos, tell each other their stories, their sentimental disappointments, their lives. Until he offered to come and spend a weekend at his place.

She, a month later, in the TGV

A few hundred kilometers separate them, several hours by TGV or by car. It will be the TGV. As she gets off the train, emotion overwhelms her. Everything is there, the memories, her beautiful eyes the same color as the sea, the sun, the romantic stroll along the beach. They will spend a long weekend remembering their memories, discovering the adults they have become, and taming themselves.

She has to leave already, and she does not understand what is happening to her. Is it just the weight of their past memories or something else that is being born in her? She doesn’t want to leave him. And when he kisses her, she knows that if he wants to too, she will come back. The TGV has barely started that it is already missing. A few minutes later, his cell phone vibrates, an SMS “Come back quickly, I’m waiting for you.” If you want it too… ”She has her answer…

Him walking to his car

She upset him, upset him. Returned his heart. This evidence, after ten years, is it normal, is it possible? He had been so hesitant for several months, after a long relationship, he still didn’t feel healed, not ready to make a place for a woman in his life again. And she, in a weekend, she swept away her uncertainties.

He can’t stand it anymore, he misses her already, she has to know it. And he, too, wants to know if she feels the same. He sends her an SMS “Come back quickly, I’ll wait for you.” If you want it too… ”. She replies “I hoped the TGV would be late to stay snuggled up in your arms.” I didn’t want to leave. I take a ticket for which weekend? “.

He gets behind the wheel, a silly smile on his face and a smug look, he knows it but he doesn’t care. He vibrates again and he does not want to ask questions. It’s her, he feels it. And even if he knows he is embarking on a love affair from a distance that can complicate everything, this time they are adults and will know how to handle it. He is sure of it.

Them, the following year

Other weekends will follow at home and then at home, for several months. Unforgettable moments that gradually saw their feelings blossom and forged their love. From music festivals to romantic dinners, from beach walks to cuddly nights, they have built their history from a distance.

Will it be an obstacle or can they overcome it?

The round trips by TGV between Paris and this magnificent corner of Brittany, and vice versa, will they be viable for a long time? How was their story going to evolve, him there and she here? With each their professional life, their family, their friends?

They loved each other too much to lose themselves again. They took the time to think about what was possible. Love each other from a distance for a few more months, yes, but no more. They wanted to be together. Would she agree to join him? His life was more established, more constructed. Would she want to make the sea her new horizon?

Them, today

When he asked her if she would be ready to move, he got scared. To be selfish but above all that she refuses. He no longer sees himself living without her. He misses her too much. But Paris, he will not get used to it, he knows it. He loves his corner too much. He knows she loves him too, but will it be enough to leave her family and friends behind?

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She didn’t find him selfish, she already knew she would say yes. She had fallen in love with this corner of Brittany at the same time as she fell in love with it. With her blue eyes again ten years later, like the color of the sea. She always dreamed of living there. And he offers her everything. A life there and with him …

They found themselves a little shack beyond the ramparts for their love nest. She found her marks, he did everything to make her feel good. She likes it and has found her balance at his side. This new life is like their evidence.

One year after their installation, that is to say two years after their reunion, they returned to Vendée as one makes a pilgrimage. On the trail of their love born ten years ago. On their beach. It’s awfully romantic but he took the opportunity to ask her to marry him. And as you can imagine, she said yes.

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