A&R’s Wonderful Happy Love Story

A&R’s Wonderful Happy Love Story

Their love is like a movie with happy ending : A & R’s happy love story

A. had an eventful and lonely adolescence.

Since her parents’ divorce, she has built her own world, her world in which the only watchword was “I test my limits” . From middle school to high school, she has always been on the sidelines, of those who stand out, who do not want to enter a box, who burn their wings by multiplying experiences.

She matured too quickly, too often alone, left to her own devices.

She became an adult without even realizing it, ignoring the lightness of her adolescence. Only we don’t make adult decisions when we are alone and we are barely 18 years old. A. found herself in a difficult situation, mistakenly trusting an older man who surely reflected the image of his absent father.

She thought she had fallen in love, and from their relationship a little girl was born.

At the dawn of his coming of age his life seemed all mapped out. Raising her child in the best possible way because she had opened her eyes to who was the man she was with and she knew he was dangerous for both of them . She endured his violence and contempt as long as possible.

And then there was one day, the day too many.

She had to flee to save her and her daughter from the clutches of her companion. Mad with rage, he was ready to do anything to find them. Where could she go? At one or the other of his parents despite everything? At a friend’s house ? Too risky. She had to put some distance between them and him. For the law, she would see later.

In the depths of his discomfort and his fear, a place appeared to him as a haven of peace, a refuge, a shelter, an obvious fact.

This small Breton island on which she would spend all her summers before the divorce. All her vacations even since she was a kid. His parents had ended up buying a small house there and had kept it despite their separation. So she had a place to rest, think and finally make the right decision. She arrived there on a rainy day, necessarily in Brittany in the middle of winter with her daughter and some luggage. She moved into the little house, and for the first few days, exhausted, she just cried and slept.

 Then reality caught up with her head on. She could hide but she also had to take responsibility for her daughter.

So she took steps with a lawyer to explain the situation and protect her daughter. The father had lost some of his madness after looking for them, but he had left traces of his violence behind him. He was therefore not very credible in claiming sole custody of the child. A. was finally able to breathe and begin to breathe normally.

This place would surely only be a stopover but in the meantime she was finally safe.

 She had spent all her vacations there, so she knew the locals, the islanders who had watched her grow up summer after summer. She was afraid of being judged, she was in fact welcomed with open arms. His daughter has become a bit of the mascot of the island. They found a new family.

And among them, there was R., her vacation lover.

 Young love ? Flirt? Friends ? They had never put a label on their relationship. They saw each other every summer then lost sight of each other until the next, depending on their emotions as children and then adolescents.

Nowadays, adults, they no longer cast the same uncertain gaze on each other.

 She found in him a confidant, a shoulder, a benevolent man for her and her daughter. But not only. Gradually, their relationship evolved. He had nothing of the prince charming as she dreamed of it as a modern and urban young woman that she was before. But in the meantime she had changed and what she was looking for now was him.

A sea bass, but not yet old, with quiet strength.

By spending time together, they created a bond and the little one felt good with him. We can imagine the rest without difficulty. An island empty of souls in winter and too crowded with tourists in summer. Two singles attracted to each other with a past and a desire that is still palpable. The beginning of a happy and solid love story.

The equation between them was quickly resolved.

They left themselves a few months to find out if the desire was not over, if the tenderness was not only affection and comfort, if the love was really there. A. only thought of finding a refuge on this island, stopping there before facing the rest of his life. She actually found her home, love, serenity and her future there.

 She never left.

From month to month, from year to year, she has built her life there. Even though there is nothing magical about her daily existence, she knows that her happy love story still feels like a pretty rose-water movie. Almost like a fairy tale since indeed, with R., they married and had children.

Today her daughter has a half-brother and a half-sister who are like her brother and sister. The five of them live happily on their Breton island. Her daughter is a teenager now, she sees her father on vacation and things have calmed down.

Life gave him a second chance.

 She managed to rebuild herself thanks to her husband, to her family. Her life as a rebellious teenager has given way to that of an adult at last serene and peaceful, who has found in the refuge of her past the means to create a future for herself. She is lucky to have with her a man in love and whom she loves just as much.

When she thinks back on her story, since she was 18, she tells herself that life is still a funny adventure but that she did well to follow her little inner voice which guided her off the coast of Brittany. She has never regretted it and if she had to do it again she would do it again, without any hesitation. Because today she knows she is in her place.

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