A true and touching love story to read before falling asleep: When friendship becomes love

A true and touching love story to read before falling asleep: When friendship becomes love

It all started on a Sunday afternoon in May, like so many others, over fifteen years ago now. Fifteen years already… That day, I went as often to the parents of a mutual friend, our “squat or HQ” at the time, where I had to meet all my friends there. We were a tight-knit group, we saw each other every weekend. But finally that Sunday, only he and I were present. A coincidence perhaps? I don’t believe much in it… More like a helping hand from fate! For the birth of a love story: when a friendship becomes the love story of a lifetime …

I had been single for a few months, he had been a lot longer. But I saw him as a friend only and nothing else. After all, we had known each other for several years and I had never looked at him other than as my buddy.

Yet that day, something indefinable happened that turned our relationship upside down.

I didn’t know yet that she would never be the same again after that …

It is true that we had become closer lately but I had considered this as a detail due to our period of common celibacy. We were the only ones in the gang who weren’t in a relationship so it creates bonds.

We spent the afternoon together chatting and teasing each other. But also, to seek us gently. It must be said that you are not a flirt. That you don’t easily show how you feel.

After this moment as a duo, when I got home I had my head elsewhere, assailed by questions …

“Am I feeling something? Do I like it? Why did I suddenly ask myself this?

These questions were going around in my head all week, especially as I was getting text messages from him in which he was trying to make me understand certain things. But words, to express his feelings, both written and spoken, were not his forte. I didn’t know what to think anymore. It’s not easy to analyze things when you have someone very reserved in front of you.

It was while chatting with a friend and the mother of a mutual friend that I opened my eyes.

They :

“But don’t you realize that he looks at you as anything other than a friend?” For months, years, maybe even since the beginning of your friendship? Don’t you realize that he fell in love with you quite a while ago? “

Me :

“But he’s a friend, I’m not in love with him!” It’s true that I’ve been getting closer to him lately. There is a bond beyond a simple friendship but what if I realize that it cannot work? He will suffer and our friendship will be broken. And that I do not want! “

They :

“Stop thinking and making excuses. Everyone has noticed your coming together, you get along really well, you have a lot in common so go ahead, take the risk! “

I realized that they weren’t wrong, that I was impatiently awaiting his messages, that when we were together I looked a bit for his contact. So I started. I sent a message to find out if he would be present the following Friday evening at our friend’s house because I wanted to speak to him.

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What party…

Shared looks, the brushing of hands, innuendo but always this shyness on his part which took up all the space. I didn’t think I would act like that and yet it was I who took the first step.

All these years later, I still see the scene so well … While trying to get closer to him on the sofa, he suddenly gets up claiming a movie to go get upstairs. Finally taking my courage in both hands, I followed him, my heart pounding as I walked up the stairs and wondering if I was not doing the biggest mistake of my life.

And then I saw him, my gaze supposedly focused on the films in front of him. Meeting his gaze that was trying to tell me everything his mouth couldn’t do, I walked over to him until our lips were touching.

This simple kiss changed my life. Our lives.

It took me a while to see the evidence of a love affair. To be completely honest, our story did indeed begin with questions and uncertainties on my part. Our relationship was initially out of balance as feelings weren’t as strong on both sides. And yet… He knew by his naturalness, his simplicity and his love conquer my heart over the months.

I still remember this morning, a few months after our first kiss, when I got up feeling what everyone hopes to feel one day: those famous butterflies in the belly thinking of him, that feeling of lack when he was not there, this need to see and touch him.

Find out what being in love really means. It was over fifteen years ago. My friend has become my lover. Then my lover. Then my husband. And the father of my children. And since then, he’s always been the man of my life.


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