A touching love story told by a man: you are the only woman in my life

A touching love story told by a man: you are the only woman in my life

“At a glance he knew. That it was her. That it could only be her. The one he hoped for, that he was waiting for. The one that was made for him. She had this freshness, this spontaneity, this contagious appetite for life. This naturalness and this innocence that made him already mad about her.

Yes, in a few days he was already crazy about her. Completely crazy. Seeing her in the halls of college was a ray of sunshine every day, and the weekends seemed long. He had maneuvered to have the most common lessons with her. But not only. Idiot that he was… He knew he had missed his chance so he had done anything. Was it catchable?

Indeed, for it to be available would have been too good. She had been in a relationship for some time already and seemed happy. By what right would he have arrived with his inappropriate declaration of love ? They were friends, at least he hoped so. And it wasn’t that bad already. At least he had the chance to be close to her and talk to her, spend time with her.

To be closer to her, out of spite, out of challenge, he had entered into a relationship with one of his friends. Pathetic… And unhealthy? Sure, but he hadn’t thought about it. In his head it was better than nothing. And especially for him, he had no chance so he had mourned even before having tried anything.

To declare oneself ? To do what ? To pass for a fool, a big heavy? It was too late anyway… So he would be her friend.

He buried in a corner of his heart the strength of his love for her. And time passed …

4 years later …

They validated their diploma together and then she left. As she came. In a whirlwind of blondness and smiles. He let her go. Without confessing anything again. After all this time, they lost sight of each other, her marriage and her studies called her elsewhere.

And he stayed there. To wait for him? No. Even more to hope. But to love her and dream her yes.

College for him is over. He graduated but works full time now. Today he just goes to see the friends who are continuing their course to chat over a coffee. And memories assail him. She’s still there in the back of his mind. From his heart.

What was the percentage of probabilities that he would see her that day? Close to zero. And yet he is not dreaming, she arrives from the corridor opposite. He does not understand. What is she doing there? Damn, has fate finally decided to give him a hand?

However, they did not keep in touch after almost two years. They moved away when he separated from his girlfriend. And when she left to join her boyfriend. So what does he hope for?

That smile…. This astonishment in the eyes. That… pleasure to see him? Is it possible ? She hugs him with her disarming naturalness. His spontaneity, his frankness.

-” What are you doing here ? What you become ? It makes me happy to see you! What a coincidence. So tell me ! “

– “Tell you what? “

– “Well let’s see! Tell me about yourself. Tell me everything! “

{” Where to start ? By the fact that I’m an asshole who never dared to tell you the truth? Telling you that I keep dreaming about you at night? That you haunt my memories? That I never managed to forget you when nothing ever happened between us? “}

Obviously he will never say that to him… Afraid that he is… He tells him trivialities. They talk about others, from before, about what they are doing today. They share smiles, memories of giggles.

{“Ah this complicity with you, if you only knew how it warms my heart.” I missed you so much… ”}

She tells him that she has returned. That she will resume her studies here in parallel with a small job. That she will come back over here. She asks him if he too. Because there she must go, she must return, take her train. At the turn of a sentence he understands that she is still in a relationship.

So he freezes. Don’t dare. Give him his number or take his. She seems to be waiting for something, hesitating a little… Then she shrugs her shoulders and smiles. A kiss on the cheek a wave of the hand and she disappears. He hated himself that day. What a fool he was …

Raising his head he sees the gaze of one of his friends on him. Discreet, he will wait until they are both to ask him:

– “It was she, wasn’t it?” “

 He could have been the one who didn’t understand, lying… But he already hated himself enough like that. So he just answered a poor man:

– “Yes, it shows that much? “

– “I have never seen you with such a look, such an expression with a woman.” Do not give up ! “

If he knew… he should have listened to her. Sure. Move heaven and earth to see her again. But she was with someone else and for him it was an impassable border. He was not allowed to play with it.

In her life, however, she decided to play cat and mouse with them once again.

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Again 4 years later …

You have a friend request. Here we are in the 2.0 era of social networks and a face appears on its screen.

SHE found him. So she looked for him ?! And she wants to get back in touch … He obviously accepts. Magic of the virtual. His life passes before him. He sees her photos, what she likes, some things she’s done. His new diploma validated, his current job, his friends. Her boyfriend ? No picture. Nothing. No man in his life?

He is hot, cold, he no longer knows. Maybe she doesn’t flaunt her whole life. That he doesn’t like photos.

{“Don’t get carried away, man. Stay Zen. Calm. Think about it and… ”}

Too late ! She sends him a message!

-” Hello you ! Glad to see you here. It’s been ages. Definitely we are subscribed to meet every four years (she remembers?!?). It’s nice to see your face again. What are you doing after all this time? The job, the family, the loves? “

He answers her. They exchange. Naturally. So naturally. It’s easy, smooth. It’s her… He learns that she has separated. And that she’s single. He thinks he’s going to have a stroke.

He wants to finally scream at her that he has loved her like crazy for years. Always. Let it happen… He reasons himself.

{“Do it right, man. But this time you realize it’s your last chance. Don’t let her pass. “}

So he dares. Tell her that he is happy with this reunion but that she surely remembers her old-fashioned side and that he would love to offer her a coffee rather than meeting up through screens. She accepts. She what ?! Ah this spontaneity that he had missed so much …

The big day arrives. And he made a promise to himself. Do not leave this cafe without telling him everything. Confess everything to him. It’s time. There she is smiling. Glad to see him. If she knew how mutual it is… They talk about everything and nothing. And there he interrupts her. He finally takes his courage in both hands.

– “I have something to tell you. Will you listen to me until the end? “

And he tells her everything. Everything he has written to you so far. He is scared but he launches himself, he has nothing more to lose and …

-” Darling !! Are you ready ? We’re waiting for you ! “

-” I am coming ! “

Today it’s been ten years. A marriage and two wonderful children. That day, I dared to confess everything to her, she didn’t laugh, she didn’t run away. She took my hand and said “if I understand correctly, do we have time to catch up?” “

Ten years have passed… Since then I have never let go of his hand. She was the woman of my dreams. She has finally become the woman of my life. ” 

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