A short but intense love story, beautiful but sad (By Philippe)

A short but intense love story, beautiful but sad (By Philippe)

December 1991, at the beginning of the afternoon, TGV Paris-Lyon Part Dieu.
I am doing my military service. 
I’m 22 years old. An exceptional permission for the holidays that I am going to share with my sister, her husband and some friends.

The train is packed with people! Many go skiing!

My neighbor is also a friend on leave and we discuss our common experience with the army. He’s nice, and I feel good! In two hours I’m in Lyon and I know I’m going to party!

We are still in the Paris region when, with a brief nod towards travelers in general, I notice a young woman with blond hair staring at me.

Immediately, my gaze returns to her.

She doesn’t let go of her attention on me, she looks at me intermittently. Sitting about four meters from me, I guess she is quite tall even though she is seated. She must be my age and is traveling with her parents who are in front of her, a table separates them and she has her brother to her right. Her face is soft, very pleasant, and I immediately detect a certain attraction towards me!

She’s already won, captivated my attention. I can’t resist the urge to watch it every… three seconds? !!!

My friend decides to take a nap. I am then free to admire my stranger!

She doesn’t say much, just looks at me, exchanges a word or two from time to time with those close to her! And come back to lay his eyes on me!
She is Italian and I love to hear her speak, even though I can’t make out her voice well, too much noise!

We love each other in silence and I know I am having an amazing time!

A unique and unprecedented encounter that I will only do once in my life.

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I am mesmerized by her angelic face, I KNOW that she is sweet, loving and caring. Her eyes, her mouth, her delicate eyebrows, her smiles tell me, scream it to me! I want to go take her hand to lift her from her chair, hug her and kiss her tenderly. The situation prevents me of course, and I am frustrated knowing that I cannot contact her! So I devour her with my eyes and I drink this moment of pure happiness!

Suddenly, after saying a sentence, she gets up and stares at me with a deep gaze, especially this time!

The message is clear ! I nod at her and I know I’m going to follow her! I think she told her parents that she needed to relieve herself of a natural urge. So we are going to have…. three minutes to us !!!

My heart is on fire and I’m about to get up. But at the same time as her daughter, the mother gets up, she accompanies her !!!

I change my mind instantly, too shy to follow them and pretend to be next for a stint! What an idiot I did, I could at least have approached him, plunged my eyes into his very closely and smelled his scent! My God, she is beautiful !!!

It didn’t take long for them to come back and sit down!

She stares at me again with an almost sad look, I read her disappointment, understand it, I live the same!

My inner feelings are shared by the love I feel and the sadness because I know it will be over in a few moments! The microphone announces the arrival at Lyon Part Dieu station.

Our faces no longer laugh, we stare at each other with tender eyes!

The train comes to a halt with a shrill whistle that I will never hate as much as that day !!!

My beautiful, my love, here you are already down on the quay! I say hello to my military colleague and get out as fast as I can!

She’s taken at least a minute ahead of me and I’m freaking out that it’s over, that I won’t see her again!

Never have I seen a station platform so crowded as that day!

Where is she, my eyes fly over the crowd but I can’t find her!

I am so disappointed !!!

And then a man takes a step, and there I see the face of my Italian fairy who is looking for me and also finds me at the same time !!!

She sees me, one last time, and gives me a last look with pursed lips and a shrug as if to say “it’s a shame!” it’s a shame !!! But we couldn’t do better! “

I am paralyzed, my backpack in my hand that I did not take the time to put on! Someone pushes me aside, apologizes, but I don’t calculate it, I only have the strength to give my queen one day that same sad and disappointed look! That same pursing of the lips. Our hearts hurt us!

Our eyes say I love you… One last time!

With nearly thirty years of hindsight, I do not believe that once I have exchanged such a look, so intensely as with this blond angel !!!

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It’s been 28 years, but I will forever remember the beauty of that day, those two hours spent devouring us with our eyes, loving each other, quite simply !!!

On the other side of the platform, there was a burgundy-colored train, on which I could read a sign marked “Turin”. I imagine how the end of his trip must not have been easy, and that my memory haunted him as much as his followed me for several weeks, several months, even years! A short but intense love story that I will never forget.

Life is sometimes cruel and so beautiful at the same time, because that day, I loved an angel!

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