A beautiful love story in the time of covid

A beautiful love story in the time of covid

Say it with a letter

There are things we would like to say to those we love. But we do not always know where to start, how to find the right ones, to convey the right intention. Today, we help you get started and send the most beautiful letter:

The health crisis that has taken hold since March 2020 has changed our daily lives. Depending on confinements and deconfinements, curfew times and closures of shops, places of conviviality and cultural places. It is therefore not easy to maintain social ties, to see friends. And even more difficult for singles to meet people. In these times of covid, the opportunities to meet someone are indeed very limited. Approaching a person in the street can be disturbing, mask and barrier measures oblige. There are still virtual resources, sites and social networks, but you still have to know where to meet for a first date ! In short, for a little over a year now, coming out of his celibacy has been able to be likened by periods to a real obstacle course. And yet, fortunately, love always finds a way to see the light of day. It is in this sense that Parler d’amour wanted to share a beautiful love story in the time of covid, with you. In the midst of all these uncertainties that have punctuated our lives for months, reading the story of Theo and Sarah’s meeting gives you a smile and allows you to keep hope in love. No offense to the coronavirus  !

A beautiful love story in the time of covid

“My name is Théo, I’m 26 years old. When the first confinement was announced, like many people I think, I did not understand the gravity of what was happening. But very quickly, living alone, I realized that my daily life was indeed totally upset. I work in the IT department of a big box in Bordeaux. And overnight, I discovered the joys of telecommuting. In itself, I wouldn’t have bothered to work from home if at the end of the day, I had been able to go out for a beer with my friends or join my teammates in basketball. There, nothing more, damn it, nada, I was face to face with myself in my apartment in the city center.

I did not consider leaving to confine myself to the countryside with my family, a pure city dweller that I am; and I regretted it some days, I admit it. But I thought things weren’t going to last. What can I be naive – or far too optimistic ?! – sometimes !

I ended up finding my rhythm between work, series, sport at home, reading, virtual exchanges with friends and authorized outings! This kind of metro-work-sleep without the metro was becoming heavy for me who likes to go out, see people, talk, move.

But paradoxically, this forced introspection made me aware of certain things, and in particular the weight of my celibacy.

Alone for over a year at that time, I pretended to be fine like this and not ready to commit. My stories were not so much they were fleeting. I always went too fast, not taking the time to know if the woman I met was really made for me. I was doing things backwards.

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There, given the situation, dating applications like Tinder for example were eyeing me, but I did not feel it. While we all lived confined, I finally understood that I wanted a real meeting. It’s called a timing problem I think!

Not seeing me go pick up all the pretty cashiers in my supermarket with my certificate or rent a dog to claim an additional authorized exit, I fell back on an application. But the heart was no longer there, I felt like I knew it by heart, and I was lying to myself. I quickly gave up. I promised myself to concentrate on real good encounters when the situation finally allowed it. It only remained for me to be patient, like so many single people!

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But it is well known, love falls on us when we do not expect it, and especially not as we imagine it.

At my job, a new employee had the good idea to join our offices barely two weeks before the announcement of confinement. In training for my part at that time, I had never seen her, our exchanges were made by email.

Most of us have been telecommuting since then. Like many boxes, seeing that this was going on, we set up videoconferences several times a week. To keep up to date, to help my colleagues with their connection problems and to maintain the link between us.

It was first a voice, then a laugh, before it was a blurry image on my computer screen. Until appearing more clearly, magnificent green eyes, an expressive gaze, a pretty smile. I had just “met” my new colleague, Sarah.

And now I was impatiently awaiting each video. Whether I was looking for excuses to send him an email or to call him.

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A beautiful love story in the time of covid: an original meeting between colleagues

At the time I didn’t know if she too had felt something. A kind of click, of curiosity, whereas the meeting, in a way, was virtual between us until then.

Little by little, I took advantage of my emails to slip in more personal messages. Yes I know, you should not mix work and pleasure, and it is not necessarily a good idea to pick up a colleague in the office …

But I gave myself a good conscience by telling myself that we weren’t working directly together. And anyway, it was stronger than me, I wanted to know more about her. Luckily, she was receptive to my messages and we exchanged at the same time as our work.

The end of confinement was then announced, but I did not want to see it for the first time in real life at our workplace. And to invite him for a drink or dinner, it was rather complicated since the bars and restaurants did not reopen immediately. But in the end, the important thing was to see each other and these pseudo codes of seduction were not fixed. Besides, they reminded me too much of the dates after a contact on a dating site.

There, I wanted it to be different.

Our first meeting therefore took place in a very simple way, around an improvised picnic in a green corner of the city. Original to see each other arrive with our mask on the face, and with in memory what we had seen of the other on screen.

When she took off her mask, I think I fell in love immediately.

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A beautiful love story in the era of covid: reinventing the codes of seduction

We quickly laughed at the situation, about reinventing the meeting. And we punctured the abscess quickly compared to work. Other meetings followed the first, and depending on the vagaries of the health crisis, we favored walks and jogging to drinks and restaurants. We have become the champions of improvised picnics and home cinema sessions.

We slipped into the couple’s adventure without me asking myself a million questions, without telling each other that it was only a brief adventure. I do not know to what is due this evidence, the magic of this meeting.

But having exchanged differently before seeing each other, reinventing our meeting because of the covid, wanting to profit despite the crisis, all of this strengthened our bond very quickly.

Our relationship was built in the midst of a health crisis and rather than enduring it, we were able to take advantage of the situation to make our story original.

Somehow, this unprecedented period, which made us think about what is important, helped us to move forward, to focus on the essential. Our story was created on something sincere from the start. We were connected, quite simply, we saw things the same way. We found each other at the right time, weird as it sounds.

Today, we have been together for a year and we have made our relationship evolve according to our desires, without being trapped by the new containment and curfew measures.

So after more than 5 months of relationship, we spent the fall confinement at her place. Step successfully completed. Then, in April with the new restrictions, she moved into my home. In between, we had fun with the curfew by doing alternate nights at one or the other according to our desires and our obligations.

I like to think about all of these milestones that define our relationship, it’s unlike anything I’ve been through before and I know we see it the same way. Our next project is to go on a road trip this summer, in the middle of nature. When we get back, we’ll go in search of our future apartment. Let’s say we bet on voluntary confinement together for an indefinite period! ”

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