A beautiful and true love story told by the person who lived it

A beautiful and true love story told by the person who lived it

Our love story began at a time in my life when I no longer believed in it. And so I absolutely did not expect it. Indeed, separated for about six months from a long affair with the person with whom I thought to make my life, I did not expect to run into you. Not so, not so fast. Not that way. Because I didn’t hope for anything. And yet …

Like what the adage which says that “love falls on us when we do not expect it” is sometimes true… For us, it was the case. Not in the most romantic way, maybe not at the best time in the eyes of others, but without any calculation on our part. You entered my life and I entered yours, quite simply. Life has decided to put us on the same path. And I always tend to follow my intuition and go for it. Life is too short to ask a thousand questions.

I’m not going to say that our early relationship is worthy of a fairy tale since it started on a dating site .

That’s why I wasn’t expecting anything special, because I was aware of the limits of such sites. Neither of us were ready to meet someone really, we weren’t prepared for that, for us…

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, what this relationship would be made of. Would it be serious? Wouldn’t it be on the contrary like those meetings of the past months? Light, ephemeral, without a future? The characteristic of many 2.0 stories that are created virtually … I remained on my guard despite this feeling that you were different, that with you it would be special.

But at the beginning, despite this instantaneous strong bond, we let time pass and move away. The virtual game: we no longer gave each other a lot of news, we did not cross the threshold of reality. But still I kept thinking about you. Why ? 

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Yes, the craziest thing about it is that at this point, we had never met. But I don’t know, it was stronger than me, I felt it was special.

I questioned myself a lot, wondering if this was what I wanted, if I was ready to meet someone at this point in my life.

Could you be the right person. The one who was going to make me want a new beautiful love story  ?

It was rather laborious to tell you things, to make you understand this desire to meet you. I felt you so suspicious, so unapproachable, I had no idea what you were looking for. But I decided to force fate.

And there was finally this first meeting, moments of laughter, of sharing where I felt that something was happening. As I had imagined.

We took our time. Both wary, skinned by love, we proceeded step by step. Until that day when you invited me to the restaurant and we experienced our first kiss. One like the other, we did not know how to apprehend this moment, let alone how to react and how to interpret it.

I must say that I doubted a lot because of our differences in character. Would we have the same vision for a future relationship?

It all seemed a little oppressive to me at first but I thought it was worth the fight. There was something special between us. It is for this reason that we discussed a lot, we put communication and trust at the center of our beginning of relationship. 

And very quickly everything accelerated.

We realized that our patience had paid off and confidence was established. We weren’t there for nothing and we were really looking for something beautiful.

Today, we have been together for almost a year. As a couple, confident, in love. And when I look back, I realize that our initial hesitations seem far ahead of the obviousness of our current love affair. It is as if, after a click, everything has unlocked. Our emotions, our desires, our feelings, our projects, our actions. And indeed, it went very quickly.

I never imagined that today I would live with you, that we would have made our little apartment our home, our home sweet home. No, I never thought I was going through what we are experiencing today with you. 

With you life is beautiful, warm, joyful and full of love. 

Looking back, I realize that you give me what I have always looked for in a man and that the true love, the one that I have always wanted, is there. You bring it to me.

This life with you is full of surprises and twists and that’s what I like; it’s you that I love.

It took me a while to admit it to myself and confess it to you, before I felt ready to say those words again, but today you know it. I love you and have been for a while now.

I hope that our projects will come true in the future and that we can share this life until the end of our days, surrounded by a beautiful family.

It will be our own fairy tale. Our modern version of “they lived happily and had many children”.


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