What turns men off in a woman

What turns men off in a woman

For you, I went to survey a hundred young men, relatives, friends but also and above all strangers. It was all about knowing what initially disliked them about a woman, that is to say aesthetically, but also in character. So ladies, ladies, take your pens! It’s time to take notes and not make the same mistakes again.

At the aesthetic level

Lipstick / gloss / pencil

Many men seem to be put off by outrageous lipstick. By that I mean colors that are a little too brutal, black, Barbie pink for example. However carmine red, plum and pastel are not to displease. I found it astonishing, but these gentlemen (most of them), have a total aversion to gloss. One of them told me:

“I don’t understand why women insist on making their lips shine. I prefer a basic lipstick rather than this slimy substance. It doesn’t make me want to kiss my partner when she has it on her lips. On the one hand, I’m afraid of having it on mine and on the other, she gets over it immediately afterwards. “. Jérôme, 29 years old.

Finally, the lip liner seems to be popular with hard rockers (and surely others that I have not surveyed). But for the vast majority of men questioned, the lip liner, when it is visible, reveals a great vulgarity. Even more when it is permanent.

So, you will have understood it: lipstick yes, as long as it remains discreet, fine and elegant.

Flashy nail polish

Big surprise for me. I admit that my fingers look more like Knaki than those of a fairy and so I’m not used to varnish. However, I am quite envious of women with long, slender fingers and bright red nails. Bitten nails like mine, inevitably displeases men, but that is normal. But big news: the color varnish, it is not their hobby either.

“I prefer women with impeccable nails without color. At the limit a French manicure as you say, or a transparent or very discreet varnish. I can’t stand all these women who put on blue, black, green. Looks like they want to put their clothes together with their nail polish, it’s a little silly and frankly not glamorous. Rude at most ”.
Julien, 26 years old.

“The red varnish bothers me less than the others because it is a classic. But for me, the other colors are to be banned. After that, that’s my opinion ”.
Pierre, 33 years old.

Padded bras

And yes, the great classic. Who does not like to reveal a generous and luscious chest with a pretty cleavage? Who doesn’t like to add a little more, just to make people dream? Yes but … Men seem, once again, to prefer the natural. I have retained two reasons that have come up several times and why these gentlemen do not appreciate the upholstered:

“It’s all well and good to get bigger breasts. I’m not going to lie, personally I like big breasts. But when I get to bed, and undress the girl in question, it’s often a big disappointment, and I know what I’m talking about. »Aymeric, 31 years old.

“I love small breasts, it’s stronger than me. And beyond that, I find there is nothing more stylish than a pretty, slim woman wearing a tight t-shirt without a bra. Well then, I know it’s a bit tricky in the street. But at least one bra without padding, without underwire. I advocate the natural! »Arnaud, 25 years old.


A nice tanned complexion, yes, men are for it. On the other hand, the complexion that turns orange, no. So don’t overdo it on UV, let alone on the self-tanner that stains. Nothing worse to scare a man away!

The suffocating scent

The cocotte perfume is to be avoided. A small drop of perfume is pleasant, bewitching. The perfume that smells too strong is, for its part, “nauseating” (I quote!). So the perfume, we put it in the morning and we leave it at home. We don’t get over it every hour! Including ?

I think it’s clear: men love femininity and delicacy and hate vulgarity and outrageous makeup.

 At the character level:


Apparently the worst in a woman for men. A woman who stalks them all the time and can’t stand their gaze on another woman than her… no, they don’t want it anymore.

“I don’t know if I’m the unlucky one, but I always run into jealous people. All women are not? »Jean, 27 years old.

Try to fight your sick jealousy.

Lack of openness to the world

Men like curious women, in a good way. A woman who seeks to understand the world, who is interested in it, who has conversation and repartee. It is important to take an interest in what surrounds us. It also offers the possibility to vary the topics of conversation!

“My last girlfriend was skipping the news to watch stupid secret story shows. It exasperated me. Yet she was not stupid, well I think. But it gave me the impression. I believe this is the main reason for our breakup. I couldn’t stand his lack of openness anymore! »Matthias, 22 years old.


After jealousy, possessiveness is what scares men the most. A woman who sticks them together all the time, who has no emotional autonomy and who seeks exclusivity at all costs, scares them away. Men work differently, I’m not teaching you anything. And if the feminine vision of the couple often resides in their fusion, the man needs more independence and freedom.

La relou-attitude

Women who complain all the time, who moan for nothing and reproach all the time cannot make people want. We understand them at the same time. We are a bit boring anyway. Have a little (very small) boring side, why not. But beating them on the system all day long is not possible!

Easy criticism

You will lose points by criticizing the chick opposite. Yes, yes, the one with super skinny leggings and a cropped tee. And who, moreover, wears it well.

“I hate girls who criticize other people. They have nothing else to do with their day it seems. Why go after someone they don’t even know !? »Matthieu, 22 years old.

We know why we like to criticize so much. We reassure ourselves, we hope that the other is worse than us. Quite simply because, most of the time, we don’t like 100% the image our mirror gives us. Unfortunately, our gaze is the worst distorting mirror! So hop, we regain confidence, we accept each other, better, we love each other and we no longer criticize. You will earn points for complimenting holding such a thing, rather than attacking it. And if you really don’t like her, don’t open your mouth.

Second thing that came up a lot of times: men can’t stand women who criticize them (even if it’s nice), in public. They feel upset and belittled. Know how to put your man in value and avoid any reproach in public, even if it tickles you!

Other small things were mentioned, such as the lack of conversation, sulking or even the fact that women are often very / too close to their mother. But these reproaches have become rarer.

This article is also available in French:  10 Things that guys don’t like in a woman

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