What a manipulator hates: 9 things

What a manipulator hates: 9 things

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

As your love story progresses, you realize that there is a problem. The man you are with has reactions, words, and behaviors that appeal to you and even scare you at times. You have the impression that he wants to control you, to manipulate you. What if he doesn’t mean good to you? Is he in the category of manipulators, is this the behavior of a narcissistic pervert ? You ask yourself a lot of questions in the face of these increasingly obvious signs and do not really know how to act. And then you fell in love … So it’s not easy to know what to do. It is difficult for you to put into words what it really is. How do you know if it is a manipulator? This article will explain to you what a manipulator hates in a relationship. Thus, it will help you understand who he really is.

What a manipulator hates: 9 things

# 1 A manipulator can’t stand being told no

For a manipulator it is very simple; he is always right  ! So he can’t stand being told no, that we don’t agree with him. He will do everything in his power to change your mind. Its methods can also be strong: guilt, blackmail and threats of all kinds … Do not fall into the trap of guilt for wanting to justify yourself. Be careful because if he loses control it could be dangerous for you.

# 2 he hates being confronted with reality

A manipulator tends to remake the world in his own way and to think that only what he says is true. You will be able to prove to him by A + B that the reality is that he will support you that you are wrong. He will argue endlessly, lie and the worst part is that he will believe what he tells you. He is in his own world. He has a deep bad faith and therefore denies any reality because he hates to be confronted with it. He can be likened to a mythomaniac by certain behaviors.

# 3 A manipulator doesn’t like kindness

The kindness is a quality that bothers him, he does not understand and he despises . He will, on the other hand, know how to pretend to be nice, but that has no value in his eyes. It is pure and simple manipulation . For him, others are only a means of achieving his ends, he is deceptively kind out of interest. So that explains this contempt and hypocrisy that you may have noticed from him in front of some people.

# 4 He hates giving to another

For him nothing is free, he hates to give anything. He is by no means selfless and everything he does has a purpose for himself. Whether it is for feelings – but does he even know what it is ?! – as with material things, nothing will ever be free with him and he will make it clear to you rather clearly. Do a favor for a friend? He does not know how to do and he especially does not want to. It has no interest for him, it does not bring him anything …

# 5 A manipulator hates not being the center of attention

He hates it when the lights aren’t on him. Talking about someone else doesn’t interest him, he wants to be the center of attention all the time . Watching him and only him is what he wants. Even in a dramatic situation, general attention should be paid to him. He always has more to say, he always knows everything better than everyone else, he is always more to be pitied or on the contrary to be congratulated … This behavior generates delicate and very embarrassing situations for his partner.

What a manipulator hates: 4 other things

# 6 he hates losing control over his partner

If you show a minimum of independence and you want to take time alone, he will not stand it. What he wants is to control your actions and therefore hates not knowing where you are, with whom and what you are doing. It’s no longer possessiveness and jealousy, it’s still a cut above. He feels the urge to be in control and hates the idea that you can get away from him. You are like a puppet in his hands, whose strings he pulls.

# 7 The manipulator can’t stand frustration

Sometimes it looks like a child who is denied a toy and has to learn what frustration is . Except that he is an adult and that the whims of childhood are long gone. But if you deny him anything or he can’t get what he wanted, he will go into a rage. He becomes temperamental, angry, unfair, mean at times and does not control his frustration.

# 8 He hates that we change his habits

As he likes to be in control of everything and everyone, he obviously can’t stand things getting out of hand and his habits being turned upside down. His life is regulated like music paper, so he hates any hindrance to his rituals and everything unforeseen, unless he decides to. He will have a hard time containing his rage in the presence of other people if this happens.

# 9 The manipulator hates that you are indifferent to him

If you are indifferent to him, he will make it clear to you that he cannot stand it. For him he has shaped you in his image, so he hates that you walk away, that you are not admiring him as he likes to be. If you assert your independence, he will no longer recognize the one he wants to manipulate and that will be unbearable for him. Not being in control, that you don’t need him is not an option for him. You are his thing and above all he sees himself as your only point of reference, he wants you to be nothing without him.

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