Unhealthy jealousy: 5 exercises to fight it

Unhealthy jealousy: 5 exercises to fight it

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

Everyone has a jealous side in love, which is relatively normal, except when it takes on too much importance. It becomes what is called sick jealousy. Because when it reaches this stage it can turn into a nightmare for the one who suffers it but also for the one who lives it. In order not to reach the final stage of breaking up after conflicts that can no longer be resolved, here are exercises to help you fight the difficult feeling of jealousy. Unhealthy jealousy: 5 exercises to fight it.

Unhealthy jealousy: 5 exercises to fight it

# 1 learn to let go

To love does not mean to possess . Even if you are in a relationship and in love with each other, it is not healthy to want to control the actions of your partner. On the contrary, you have to learn to respect your freedom and your need for independence which are quite legitimate within a couple. By this respect you show him that you trust him .

Now, letting go doesn’t mean you have to accept everything from the other either. It is important to define between yourselves the limits of each one which makes it possible to better preserve independence and freedom. By letting go, your relationship will be more respectful and healthier, without suffering the sickly jealousy so harmful for a couple.

# 2 let it go out without you

When we are jealous, what worries us the most is to let your partner have a good time without us. Can’t think of yourself? V ll ever want to know where it is, who and what he does? Being aware of each of his actions is essential for you, because otherwise you can imagine anything and everything …

To try to overcome this feeling of jealousy, you need to spend time without it and vice versa. Let him go out alone with his friends to the movies or go for a drink. And do the same on your side. There’s nothing like a good night out with friends to cheer you up and think about something else. If your darling is spending the evening with his friends, don’t stay alone in your corner, go out too. This will help you cope with what you initially feel like a separation, and then come to terms with it and come to terms with it.

# 3 respect their privacy

It is obvious that most of his privacy he shares with you. Only everyone has the right to their secret garden and therefore to their privacy. It is not because you are in a relationship and you live together that he has to tell you everything. You cannot eavesdrop on all his phone calls, his mail, his emails or his profiles on the networks. Spying on him is very unhealthy and will make him believe that you have no confidence in him.

To try and get a feel for how he feels when you do this, reverse the roles. Despite your jealousy, you surely will not allow him to do the same and watch you every moment. Freedom and respect for independence in a couple are two things that are essential for the duration of your relationship.

# 4 learn to love yourself

Jealousy is above all a lack of self-confidence . Being convinced that you do not deserve to be loved by a person can lead to destructive behavior towards your partner but also towards yourself. These behaviors will be more or less conscious and will make your other half run away. Before you get to this situation, you need to learn to love yourself and think positive thoughts about yourself.

It is not easy to do and learn. Because it can also be very buried in you and come from a rather painful period of your past . One of the best ways to do this is to agree to get help. Make an appointment with a psychologist to discuss all of this. Also, a sophrologist can help you relax and refocus on yourself.

# 5 Trust yourself to fight your sickly jealousy!

Like learning to love yourself, you also have to learn to trust yourself. If you have confidence in yourself, you will have confidence in him, it is not more complicated than that. To help you gain self-confidence, choose a positive experience that you have had in the past. Remember that this experience made you feel proud of yourself. You have already successfully overcome obstacles so it shows that you have the strength of character necessary to gain self-confidence.

Of course, every individual has doubts at some point in their life, that’s normal. We cannot know everything and control everything. But the goal is for you to trust yourself in your relationships with others in order to feel serene in your relationship and in confidence with your partner. This will help you gradually fight your jealousy.

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