This is why you lose her without realizing it

This is why you lose her without realizing it

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

You are in a relationship, you feel good and yet your girlfriend or your wife decides to break up. For you, everything was going well or almost, you did not see the warning signs of this separation. What if it was more because you hadn’t been able to see them? If you hadn’t grasped the importance of what she blamed you, what you didn’t do, or what you maybe did wrong? There are reasons why a woman feels abandoned in her marriage to the point of preferring to leave. And there are simple solutions to prevent this from happening to you. Here’s why you lose it without realizing it, and what needs to be changed to keep it.

This is why you lose her without realizing it

Without even realizing it or in any case without measuring the extent that it can have, you have behaviors towards her which no longer allow her to feel loved. She is therefore no longer comfortable in your relationship because she feels transparent .

What are you doing or not doing at the risk of losing her?

# 1 you lose her when you don’t choose her

This girl, this woman, you chose her, you liked her, you fell in love with her. And yet over time, since you’ve been together, you make her feel like she’s an option, that she goes after everything else in your life . Your friends, your outings, your passion. She has no real place in your life, she no longer feels chosen, she is no longer the chosen one, she feels too much so she prefers to leave.

# 2 you lose her when you put her out of your life

Your notion of the couple is selfish or in any case incompatible with his. You don’t commit , you don’t make any decisions with her, you never ask her opinion for nothing. In fact, you compartmentalize your life, you compartmentalize and she knows almost nothing about you in the end.

# 3 You lose her when you don’t support her

She feels like she can’t count on you because you’re never on her side, that you don’t take to heart what touches her, that you aren’t interested in what she’s going through. You are a couple but yet next to you she feels terribly alone.

Here’s why you lose it without realizing it: 3 other reasons

# 4 You lose her when you always want to be right

You don’t bother to look at the world from her point of view, you blame her for every word she says, even when she tries at all costs to find a compromise between you. You move away more and more when you persist, when you always want to be right, when you don’t know how to communicate calmly. A simple discussion between you necessarily turns into an argument because of you because you always want to be right. And when you’re out of control, you hold up, run away and let her down, treating her like she’s inferior, like it’s her fault. You impose your silence on her, you take her hostage for your inability to communicate positively.

# 5 you lose her when you play with her

You lose her when you play hot and cold with her, whether you show up after dropping her for the hundredth time, after being late again or after yet another rabbit. You only do according to your desires, your whims, believing that she is at your disposal or that she loves you so much that she will forgive you everything, stay and never leave. In fact, you are playing with her, you are not respecting her doing that, you are harboring an unhealthy relationship, an emotional addiction, not a love affair by behaving like this.

# 6 You lose her when you don’t open up to her

She tries to love you but you take refuge in your shell, you remain closed. You lose it when you refuse to be present, when you do not let it enter your life and your heart. Like you don’t trust her, that she’s unworthy of you, or that you don’t care about your story. Whatever your reason, the distance you maintain between you despite the passage of time does not allow him to know who you really are. And this cannot go on indefinitely. You don’t stay in a relationship with a stranger, someone you don’t know and therefore you can’t totally love.

Here’s why you lose her without realizing it, now what can you do to keep her?

Some simple but effective tips so that you don’t find yourself all alone one day when you care about her. Do you love her and you don’t want to lose her?

Here’s how to keep it in your life in a few truths:

In the listening really, recognizing when it is vulnerable, and when she needs you, your support, your presence.

Thanks to the communication between you, which you must nourish as much as she and positively.

When you reassure her , when she feels comfortable leaning on you, day after day and that she is therefore confident.

When you are sincere , when you tell her that you are sorry and that you really mean it, when you say that you will be there or that you love her.

When you question yourself, that you know how to recognize your faults, without aggravating a situation by pride and by not reproducing the same errors.

By trusting him , by talking about you really, your biggest fears and your biggest hopes. When you don’t put barriers between you.

You keep her when she’s the one you choose, quite simply. And that you assume your choice by showing him your attachment then your love, your commitment.

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