The glowy complexion: how to adopt this luminous makeup

The glowy complexion: how to adopt this luminous makeup

Even though we want to wear our matte lipsticks and high-coverage foundations, with the arrival of sunny days and rising temperatures, our skin needs more and more lightness. To let them breathe and make makeup as close as possible to the natural, we put on the glowy complexion very popular today. Just follow our advice to adopt the best products and techniques of this trendy makeup.

Facial treatments adapted to the type of skin

Dull skin in poor condition will not be the best ally for natural and luminous makeup. To reveal its radiance and make the skin naturally radiant, facial treatments that offer effective exfoliation and hydration are therefore recommended. Exfoliate the skin regularly to rid it of dead cells and reveal “new skin”. And to complete the beauty routine, opt for a deep moisturizer that can boost the radiance of the complexion. Lighter-textured moisturizing jellies are a great choice for energizing skin lacking radiance.

An illuminating foundation

While healthy skin is the foundation for a successful glowy look, a primer can really help give you that extra shine. Applied under makeup and after day cream, a foundation rich in luminous pigments will catch the light and illuminate the skin. One immediately thinks of Chanel’s iconic Le Blanc illuminating makeup primer  . It is the essential beauty asset of radiant skin.

To discover other illuminating and embellishing products, a wide selection of illuminating bases are available on the online store. The variety of brands represented on this perfume and cosmetics e-shop allows everyone to find the product suited to their taste or budget.

Complexion makeup

Swap mask-effect covering foundations with moisturizing tinted fluids. For an even lighter makeup, you can even out the complexion by using your usual corrector only on the areas to be corrected. A good-looking make-up couldn’t be without a tan and a pretty peach blush on the cheekbones. Rather than opting for powder textures, go for a bronzer and the cream or stick formula blush will bring a healthy boost to the face without weighing down the makeup. As a final touch, the illuminator will complete the radiant complexion. Place it on the bridge of the nose, the hollow of the chin and on the cupid’s bow.

A luminous gaze 

The glowy look also seduces with bright eye makeup. Even if you go for shades of nude, do not hesitate to bring a few touches of light to the inner corners of the eyes. Just apply a touch of iridescent blush. For those who would like to mark their eyes a little more, the glowy complexion combines perfectly with the sparkling eyeshadows in more daring tones. Finish the makeover by applying a lip gloss and brushing the eyebrows without drawing them with a pencil.

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