My wife does not want children and I suffer from it: what to do?

My wife does not want children and I suffer from it: what to do?

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

In every love story, it is important to know how to make concessions so that the other feels understood and respected. It works when it comes to the way of life or the practical details of everyday life for example. But when it comes to some important issues of the future like children, everything is much more complicated. Make the decision to become parentsis not simple but when it is shared everything is beautiful. However when one of the two refuses to have a child when that is what the other wants more than anything, what to do? This is your case, your wife refuses to have a child. Conflict seems inevitable because it is not an unimportant issue in a couple, on the contrary. How to manage this situation which inevitably makes you suffer? How to make the other understand his desire? My wife does not want children and I suffer from it: what to do?

My wife does not want children and I suffer from it: what to do?

# 1 try to see more clearly

First of all, try to find out the reason for the refusal. Why is she against the idea of ​​having a child? Has this been in her for a long time or is this a more recent opinion? It may be related to past sufferings, to deep fears … What you need to come to know is already the why. You need to clear things up with her by having a calm and calm conversation. Do not get upset if she opposes you again with a categorical refusal, try to understand why and then you can advise. This is perhaps something of passenger that can be adjusted over time and in this case it can possibly get help if she needs to face some things from his past.

# 2 don’t make her feel guilty

Being a woman doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a mother. Not all women feel the need and the desire to be a mother, it is not an obligation and everyone is free to make their own choices. What’s important to know is if she ever told you about it? Have you ever discussed the subject together? If you have already discussed it you cannot say that you were not informed of its decision. At best you thought it wasn’t really serious or that over time she would change her mind. Therefore, you should not make her feel guilty if she warned you. Be patient and listen to him and speak calmly, it is not impossible that the idea will gain ground.

# 3 don’t use emotional blackmail or forcing

You are not going to cut her off her birth control method or threaten to leave her. This would obviously be intolerable behavior . You should not force her to change her mind if her desire does not match yours. If you insist, that you blackmail her emotionally to make her give in, know that this will not be a solution. She will feel manipulated and it will do no good. An unwanted and “forced” pregnancy will be badly lived and the consequences will be disastrous for the future child, for her and for your couple.

My wife does not want children and I suffer from it: what to do?

# 4 try to understand his choice

It is surely a very difficult question to ask but maybe she does not want a child with you? It’s not easy to accept, but maybe she doesn’t project herself so far with you? She is surely very good like that. It is also possible that her love for you is very strong and possessive and that she does not wish to share with you . In short, all questions, even the most difficult, and however painful the answers may be, must be asked.

# 5 give it time

This will only work if the answers to his choice are not final. It may be, as we said, that it is fleeting and that she needs time and work on herself to consider becoming a mother. If this is the case, be patient and let her do this work quietly, taking the necessary time . As they said, rushing things and putting enormous pressure on him will not help. It is not easy to be patient at these times, but know that it is more than necessary.

# 6 My wife doesn’t want children and I suffer from it: accept her choice and separate r?

If unfortunately it is firm and final and leaves you with no hope, you must make a decision . When couples really love each other it is very difficult to accept because love is not at stake, it is a difference of opinion but which has the greatest impact on the future of your couple. Only, even if you love yourself, you cannot continue like this. There are not fifty solutions… Either one of you accepts and resigns himself, or you each remain on your positions, and in this case the separation becomes inevitable. It all depends on the importance of your desire to become a father.

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