More news overnight: why and what to do?

More news overnight: why and what to do?

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

It’s a situation nobody likes to find themselves in. No longer receiving news overnight when everything seemed to be going well. It is difficult to understand. It is all the more so since without news we cannot have an explanation and that is what drives us crazy! It is normal to want to understand the why and how and possibly reverse the trend to get off to a good start. Know that sometimes, unfortunately, your questions will be unanswered and you will have to accept it. Which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to find out all the same. More news overnight: why and what to do?

First of all, why do you not hear from you overnight?

While you were in the beginning of a sentimental relationship where everything was going well, in any case that’s what it seemed to you, suddenly, overnight, more sound, more image. He or she disappears from your radars! It seems totally incomprehensible to you, you ask yourself dozens of questions which all remain unanswered. Why such silence ? And especially so sudden and without explanations? Here are some possible answers to your questions that can either reassure you or move you on to something else.

# 1 your partner just wanted to have a good time

It is not necessarily pleasant to hear but unfortunately it is sometimes the case. Chances are he or she just wanted to have a good time without trying to go any further. He or she just needed at that moment a little game of seduction which gave him back his confidence in him / her. Now that this game is over, there is no more interest for him / her so he or she does not give any more news. We agree, this is a reaction of a huge misconception but it does happen. Just tell yourself that it is by no means your fault. His cowardice and hypocrisy are not your responsibility.

# 2 He or she is too busy

It is a somewhat difficult pretext to admit. Indeed, who does not have a minute or two during the day to respond to an SMS? Now it can happen anyway. A person with a very busy job and endless or staggered schedules may take a long time or completely forget to answer you. If you have been warned beforehand you have the beginnings of an explanation, if this is not the case it may also be that this person does not really want to take the time to answer you … In all cases case, it is a lack of respect and involvement in your story, even nascent.

# 3 No more news overnight because he or she has someone else

It is surely the excuse that you will like the least but at least you have the explanation . However, in this case, one wonders why he or she does not at least have the politeness to warn you. Unfortunately this happens more and more often. This person will tell himself that he owes you nothing, that with the other the current has gone better and that he is therefore concentrating on this new story. Of course, some will still have the correction to prevent but do not have too many illusions because many people shine by their cowardice.

# 4 He or she is already bored

A real crush at the start and suddenly nothing. It is surely a person who functions in an impulsive way , without thinking and it is after a few days or weeks that he realizes that he is carried away too quickly. As with the other explanations, you are not responsible, this is a temper that you cannot do anything about. This concept of consuming quickly and then nothing is spreading more and more. While many put forward the fear of commitment ,most of the time, it is not and it is only a question of selfish people at ease in their celibacy and their amorous game, preferring to collect adventures rather than to pose as a couple. His interest in you faded as quickly as it came, it’s up to you to accept it now.

# 5 The (pseudo) fear of commitment

Some people get scared very quickly… Even if you obviously did not talk about marriage and baby from the first dates, he or she felt that you were ready for a serious affair on your side For his part, like many today, he or she does not want to become attached and even less to commit. The fact of telling himself that you are more in the process of a “normal” relationship in the end scared him. Rather than accepting his or her choice, at least explaining himself or herself, he or she therefore prefers to play the card of silence . It’s not very brave but that’s often how it happens, unfortunately …

# 6 The great fashion of ghosting

You have undoubtedly been the victim of ghosting . What is that ? Ghosting  is a term that appeared a few years ago, from the English word ”  ghost  ” which means ghost. This is a phenomenon that has grown through dating sites and social networks . On the program, virtual pick-up, succession of meetings and ease of chaining one night’s shots . Even if the phenomenon is not new, new technologies have accentuated everything. The consumerist society emphasizes the “  I want, I take and I throw”.  The relation to the other becomes more and more a relation to the object.With one click, I get in touch and with one click I leave the person, but without warning them first. It has become a fashion phenomenon which unfortunately defines more and more the current relationships of seduction and couples. And by not having any more news overnight, you are surely a victim of ghosting.

More news overnight: what to do?

After the why, the question is “what to do”? First of all, is there something to be done in this situation? There is not much to do but just to get to the end of things and have no regrets, this is what you can try.

# 1 Relaunch him without harassing him

Who does not try anything has nothing, you may not give up right away! An unanswered message does not always mean permanent radio silence . So you can always try to revive him or her, obviously without harassing him or her. Try a small message a day for example for two or three days, then nothing. And again a week later if you really can’t turn the page. If you don’t get a response, it’s time to accept that this person doesn’t deserve you!

# 2 the last chance

You had accepted this silence and finally a few days or weeks later, this person knocks on your door again. He or she has, according to his words, an infallible excuse to explain his silence of recent times. It’s up to you to see if you think his approach is sincere and if you want to retry a date. You might get a pleasant surprise, after all to err is human. But you accept it once, not twice!

# 3 Accept and relativize

There are times when there is no point in trying. You have relaunched once, twice, three or even four times and all your messages have gone unanswered. It’s time to accept his silence even if you don’t understand why. We can’t have all our questions answered, accept this situation and move on, it’s the best thing to do. And then put it into perspective because even if you fell in love with it, it’s not a great story either where you were already talking about a white dress and baby bottles!

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