How to resume a relationship after a break in the couple?

How to resume a relationship after a break in the couple?

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

In a relationship, there are ups and downs, sometimes we take a break to resume the relationship differently. Not easy, because we do not really know how to go about it! In this article we will analyze the ways to know how to resume a relationship after a break in the couple.

1.If you have a relationship for less than a year.

A relationship of less than 6 months can be considered the beginning of discovery. This is because you start to get to know your partner and you start to really invest in the relationship. If during this period, you decide to take a break, you will have to ask yourself real questions:

  • What is wrong with the relationship?
  • If a station wagon is already present, isn’t that a sign that we must stop definitively?
  • What is bothering me?
  • What can I improve?
  • What complaints do I make against my partner?

If you have decided to break up the relationship so quickly, then there is very likely to be some serious disagreement between you. Very often, the first year is the time of the honeymoon when we discover the other as the most precious of treasures. This is the so-called phase of seduction , of passion. If you decide to try a relationship again after the break, you will have to know exactly what you want and talk to your partner about it. It is important to set the record straight in order to solidify the foundations of your relationship as much as possible.

How to resume a relationship after a break when you have had a relationship of less than a year?

  1. Take the time to speak with your partner so that you know exactly what is wrong and what the mutual demands and desires are.
  2. See yourself “calmly” to rekindle envy and desire. Ideally, start by seeing each other once or twice a week at most in order to respect each other’s autonomy and independence.
  3. Make the decision to speak and communicate freely on a regular basis in order to create real trust and chemistry within your relationship.

2. If you have been in a relationship for several years

In this case, the approach angle is different! Indeed, you know your partner “perfectly” and you know what you want in your relationship. Taking a break after several years means that you have to change the old version of the couple and take a new turn.

To resume a relationship after a break in this specific case, I advise you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Isn’t this the time to change your life ? To rebuild something else, differently, which corresponds to my real aspirations and needs?
  2. Is this break necessary? Why is it taking place? Is it to find us?
  3. Do I want to resume my relationship? If yes, how?
  4. Am I still in love ? Is love enough to resume the relationship?

When we have had a relationship of several years, we cannot see each other again as if we have only known each other for 15 days. Because you risk falling into the ”  friendzone “. Indeed, instead of leaving each other, we decide to choose a situation which does not suit us 100% but which allows us to keep “a link”. If both partners agree, there is no problem, but very often it is a one-sided decision which will plunge the “loving” partner into real distress.

How to resume a relationship after a break when you have had a relationship of several years?

  1. We start the relationship where we left off with new resolutions.
  2. We don’t lie to ourselves and we decide to give 100%.
  3. If this does not work, we can consider a friendship IF and ONLY IF both partners agree.

How to resume a relationship when you have had several breaks?

Many couples experience several breaks in their relationship . It works the first time, the second is more difficult and the third, you become a caricature of what you would like to be. As you know, you can never perfectly put the pieces back together because there will always be flaws, wounds and pains that cannot go away. We try to get back together because we love each other and cannot live without the other. Except, it’s a MISTAKE! There comes a time in a couple when love is no longer enough and you have to have a common vision of the future and a real desire to build a life together. Coming back together out of spite, sadness or fear of loneliness is the worst decision because it will waste your time!

How to resume a relationship after a break in a couple?

By listening to yourself and not putting the envy of the other before your own needs and desires. A break can be lifesaving but several breaks will be destructive.

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