How to draw your eyebrows well?

How to draw your eyebrows well?

Some girls seem constantly amazed, others have a family resemblance to Mac-Lesgy. To not look like them and have well drawn eyebrows follow these tips.

You need :


Eyebrow pencil or powder shadow

A black pencil

An  optional white pencil

An optional pre-depilation cream (or gel)

· Tweezers;

· An eyebrow comb;

An  optional definition gel

Actually, the materials are not very important only the Basic Method counts.

That of the  “pencil that serves as a ruler”  !


STEP 1: You will place one end of your pencil on the wing of your nose, and you will place the other end in the hollow of your eye  (where sometimes the eye poo is lodged.  That’s it you have drawn a first line (line 1 – picture) This is where your eyebrow should start  .

Next (line 3- picture),  rotate the eyebrow pencil against your nose towards the outer corner of your eye. The pencil is then at an angle. It touches your nose, goes over the corner of your eye, and stops at the eyebrow. This is where your eyebrow should end. Take your white pencil and make a mark.

Finally (line 2- picture),  To define the arch, look straight ahead, then rotate the eyebrow pencil to line it up with the outside of your iris. Make a mark with the white pencil where the tip of the pencil crosses the eyebrow.


STEP 2: Draw the line of your eyebrows, then all you have to do is carefully pluck all that is protruding from it. Be careful, you can only epilate the bottom of your eyebrows and below the line drawn . On your pincers!

STEP 3: Next, fill in the holes using a pencil in the color of your eyebrows. Some uses eye shadow, that’s just as good. Blur the pencil or make very small lines… the main thing is to respect THE LINE.

Finish while brushing the eyebrows upwards to blend the color. For a flawless look, discipline flyaways with a definition gel.

For perfectionists Can you? RESPECTING THE LINE, cut with a pair of scissors the hair that protrudes above your eyebrows.

Ps: If you are still not satisfied, your eyebrows definitely do not fold them. It could be fatal to your beauty (Remember those girls always amazed?)  Let your eyebrows grow back.


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