How to be natural with makeup?

How to be natural with makeup?

Fashion is natural, but we are not all at the top without makeup … Here are some tips to be natural with discreet makeup.

Mascara: the must-have

As I told you in the article ”  makeup: what men prefer “, mascara is the element they love in our makeup. For a natural but pretty side all the same, you can opt for the transparent mascara which will give you the same effect as a classic mascara but which will be more discreet.

Kiko: € 3.90 (

Urban Decay: € 18.50 (

A perfect complexion to avoid looking sick

Yep, all of our darling stars have near-perfect skin tone regardless of the weather (okay, thanks Photoshop!: D). As soon as it is a little too hot our skin becomes shiny, as soon as it is a little cold it blushes … Anyway, a real pain …

To have a pretty complexion without too much makeup there are three very important steps:

  1. To hydrate your skin well morning and evening , there are creams specialized for these two times of the day.
  2. The BB cream , very lightly. You can apply a thin layer to give your skin a glow.
  3. Invest in free universal powder , which is made up of small white particles and which will unify your skin, for a queen-sized side of the make-up, don’t hesitate to sprinkle yourself again during your lunch break.
  4. Finally, remove your makeup well and clean your skin .

Moisturizing cream: FOREVER, € 46.81

BB cream: Garnier € 9.95 (supermarkets), L’oréal € 9.79 (

Universal loose powder: Kiko € 11.90 (, Make Up For Ever € 33 (

For plump lips we also have a solution

No matter the season, the watchword is hydration ! We choose a fatty balm, a little colored (pale colors). And don’t forget to scrub once a week for gentle kisses.

Yves Rocher: Cherry lip balm 3 € (

Sephora: Color revealing lip balm € 12.95 (

Irreproachable eyebrows

From beautiful eyebrows well structured dress look, especially when one decides to put some makeup. We no longer hesitate to go to specialized centers to have a sustained look. If your eyebrows are not full enough, you can always use a pencil very discreetly or opt for new micro-pigmentation methods.

Final touch: shine like sun

We opt for a salon treatment once a month, admittedly a little expensive but you treat yourself to beautiful skin and also a moment of relaxation.

To follow these little tips, you can find the products in perfumeries but also in supermarkets. Good shopping !

The trend is nude, natural, if you want to play the trend you can follow these tips 😀

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