How to be forgiven by his wife?

How to be forgiven by his wife?

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

You have hurt your wife and you want to be forgiven. Whether it’s after an argument, an infidelity or after having said hurtful words to her, you regret your gesture and want to ease the tensions, and that she comes back to you, because you still love her. You wonder then how to be forgiven in love by his wife.

Only you see her distant, folded up on her or throwing black glances at you, which makes you doubt how to act with her to redeem yourself.

If you want to get your wife’s forgiveness and get off to a good start, you have to adopt a special posture, to avoid making the situation worse despite yourself. Here are the tips to optimize the chances of being forgiven by his wife.

How to be forgiven by your wife after a big argument

No more drums, you come home from an evening with your best friend in the middle of the night on your tiptoes, and there is no luck: your wife jumps on you, and you learn that she has spent the evening worrying about you. His reproaches cause you to feel unfair and angry, and it’s gone for the quarrel at 3 a.m.

We can also mention the examples of broken promises, lack of support, lies, lack of attention … So how to be forgiven after an argument?

Wait for the voltage to drop

First, wait until the anger is less present on both sides. Because it is difficult to get things done when we are each on edge. Allow a little time to elapse for you to calm each other down, and to relieve the tension. To do this, you can for example go out for a 15/20 minute walk from your home or lock yourself in a room. Because, when the tension is at its maximum, you will return the ball of reproaches to yourself until it explodes.

Apologize and admit your wrongs

In order to be able to forgive you, your wife expects a sincere apology, not an apology that rings true, said for the sole purpose of moving on. She needs to feel that she is being listened to and understood in her feelings, so now is not the time to downplay your wrongs and disempower yourself.

Keep in mind that the relationship is more important than the ego

And even if you don’t think you need to worry or get upset, remember that your wife doesn’t think like you. Remember that she has a different map of the world from yours, her own way of thinking and feeling, based on her experience. So try to put yourself in his shoes by listening to him . And always keep in mind that it’s more important to care for the relationship than to protect your ego.

How to be forgiven by your wife when you have said hurtful words

Find other words

“You’ve always been a selfish person anyway!” “,” It’s not possible to be so clumsy “,” It’s incredible to be so boring “

Never forget that words have a very powerful power. They can stay in the mind of the person who hears them, like an advertisement that reminds them of what you think of them. In the heat of the moment, hurtful words can come out without being able to be controlled. But the best is to rectify the situation right after if possible: “Excuse me, I said that out of anger”, “I didn’t mean it, I was just hurt by what you said” .

Try to find other words to formulate otherwise what you reproach him with, so that it is these which permeate his mind instead: “It annoys me that you dropped that glass because it was a gift from my friend. father ”,“ I don’t like it when you look down on me, because I feel like I’m bad ” etc.

Understand his reaction

Sometimes we do not understand the reaction of the other. You talked about your last vacation with your ex, and Juliette took it really badly? This can be explained by the fact that she has been betrayed in the past, and is afraid that it will happen again with you.

Don’t assume that your wife is overreacting. Everyone has their gray areas, their childhood wounds  ; and in order to calm things down, your best bet is to ask her why she reacted that way. This will show that you are interested in how she is feeling, which will be greatly appreciated.

How to be forgiven by your wife after an infidelity

Play 100% honesty

There is even more difficult than learning that you have been cheated: feeling that you can no longer trust the person you love. So to be able to regain your wife’s confidence after adultery, you must no longer lie to her, and play with transparency.

It is said that “confessed fault is half forgiven”, and in this case it is rather true. She will always prefer that you confess to her by telling her that you regret and feel guilty, rather than discovering a text message from your mistress on your cell phone by chance. Don’t try to lie, and answer all questions honestly.

Indeed, the temptation can be great to lie to minimize the facts, and not to take the role of the executioner, but the objective is to restart your story on new, healthy foundations. In other words: no more lies.

Explain what caused the attraction elsewhere

If you’ve been tricked into being unfaithful, there’s a good chance you’ve been drawn to something that you lacked in your relationship. In an infidelity, the responsibility is often on both sides in the end: for example the man feels abandoned because his wife no longer pays him any attention, she no longer has that look of love and he feels belittled, he loses faith in him.

Think about what you went looking for elsewhere: attention, admiration, love passion , novelty? Then explain to him how you felt, and why you were unfaithful. This will help him to understand and take his share of responsibility on his side.

Say why you regret

It is not enough to say that you regret. Tell her why you regret, to reassure her and make her feel valued again. Express to her that you feel that you are losing her and that it scares you, because you love her more than anything, and you cannot see your life without her. Explain to her that you made a mistake but that you are willing to take the consequences to get it back. I invite you to take inspiration from our model letter of forgiveness after an infidelity .

Restore a climate of trust and security

Do not pose as a helpless victim by saying something like “what’s done is done, it’s too late” . Above all, don’t give up, because she wants you to fight for her and your couple, to show her that she is important to you.

So prove to him that you are a man who takes responsibility, and that you are going to put things in place together so that this does not happen again. Offer to discuss what you could change together so that you don’t feel left out, for example, so that you can pull yourself together if you are tempted again in the future.

Be patient

Regaining your confidence after an infidelity is not going to happen overnight. She may not be able to come to you anymore, and may even feel disgust at the idea of ​​coming together for a while.

It will take time for her to cope with the betrayal and to rebuild herself, to regain her self-confidence. Then she will be able to trust you again, if she still has feelings and also agrees to fight for the relationship. In the meantime, don’t put pressure on her and make your life on your side, while showing yourself present and available for her.

Make an effort to show him your worth

Finally, you will have to make an effort to make yourself forgive after an infidelity. For her to agree to come back to you, she will have to tell herself that you are in any case a good man, and that you deserve her forgiveness.

But she’s also going to have more expectations, so you’re going to have to prove yourself to win her back. She often criticized you for not making an effort regarding the sharing of tasks in the couple  ? Now is the time to show her what you can do for her. The goal is for her to project herself into the future with you again, to be proud to be your wife despite your mistakes and imperfections.

Conclusion: how to be forgiven by your wife

To err is human, so be human to make it up to yourself: you are vulnerable, and it is true that you made a mistake. But you are also a good and responsible man, who knows what he wants and who is ready to do anything to get the woman he loves back.

Show her how much she means to you, that she is an amazing woman to you, and that it’s worth fighting for her. Also show her that even if you failed, you are still the incredible man she knew and fell in love with. And you are even ready to be a better man to regain her confidence, because she is worth it.

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