How do you leave someone without hurting them?

How do you leave someone without hurting them?

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How do you leave someone without hurting them? We assume here that you liked this person, or at least that you were attached to it. This person who will become your ex is a good person who has never hurt you on purpose. The goal is for this separation to be done amicably and with respect. The love was perhaps not there, your characters were incompatible, the relationship did not fulfill you … So many healthy reasons which explain the need to leave the other. Breaking up is never easy but you have made your decision so you have to stick to it, embrace it and get it right. How to do ? Remember, don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like to be done to you. This is important in love, and even during separation.

How do you leave someone without hurting them?

Be sincere above all

We can never say it enough, sincerity in romantic relationships is essential. From start to finish. You’ve decided to leave the person who shared your life for a few weeks, months, or sometimes years, it deserves some honesty . Tell yourself that you were intimate and that this person was important to you.

So whether it is in your attitude or in the reasons given for your decision to break up, remain sincere until the end so that things end as respectfully as possible. And even if it hurts, the important thing is to explain the reasons for your decision, without obviously falling into unnecessary blame. Just say why you made this decision, and assume it. By putting the situation into words, you will help her move forward and understand the breakup.

Leaving the other face to face: one of the rules for knowing how to leave someone without hurting them?

It is so easy today to break up in a cowardly and shameful way: a quick bad text message, a voice message and voicemail. Worse, even, outright disappearance. You know, the famous ghosting technique of not giving any news overnight, literally disappearing without any explanation. While you are in a relationship or in an emerging or ongoing relationship, suddenly more sound and more image. You are waiting for an explanation that will not come and yet the other has indeed left you.

So we agree that it’s the worst thing to do if you don’t want to hurt the other! So above all, do not deflate yourself, even if you are afraid of hurting her and your ex may be in pain. But at least your ex-partner will see that you respect him enough to be honest all the way and that you don’t shy away from it.

A break-up takes place and takes place face to face, calmly in a neutral place if possible in order to be able to leave each other as serenely as possible. Obviously, this is valid for separations that go well, not in the case of toxic relationships where running away from your ex is the best decision to make.

Avoid breaking standard phrases

We’ve all heard those “boat” phrases, maybe you’ve even been left like this or you’ve already broken up like this. Bad choice is the wrong thing to do!

In the first place, we find the famous phrase “it’s not you, it’s me” . Then come “I have feelings but it’s not really love” and “you deserve better than me”. If you tell him this, it is clear that yes, he or she deserves better than so much platitude and cowardice and insincerity.

Never fall for such hurtful banalities . Tell him / her the real reasons that push you to break up and keep in mind that often the responsibility for a breakup is shared.

Write him a break up letter

In some situations, a breakup letter to leave your ex for good may be the best solution. If you’ve tried to tell him or her before, but he or she doesn’t want to understand; or if the dialogue is broken, the letter is a good alternative.

It has nothing to do with a short, impersonal text sent quickly. A letter of termination must be handwritten , explaining the reasons behind your decision, firm and final. It puts an end to your story.

How do you leave someone without hurting them?

Respect your common past

You’ve been through a story together and if you have resentment or regret for one reason or another when it comes time to break up, it shouldn’t take precedence over the rest. In order not to hurt the other and make this separation a test, put aside unnecessary blame. It’s too late for that, there’s no point going over the past and counting points to find out which of you two has the most faults under your belt.

When announcing your decision to him, keep in mind the positive things that the other person has inspired in you, what you experienced together, so that you can speak to him calmly. So avoid reproach, resentment and resentment, any form of gratuitous wickedness or vulgarity. Say the essentials, keep only the good memories out of respect for your old relationship, and turn the page.

How do you leave someone without hurting them? Showing empathy

Putting yourself in the other’s shoes is important when you want to break up without hurting them. Who has never been heartbroken? You know what it feels like to be the left person. Depending on the character of your former partner, you can quite imagine his reaction but above all, what would be likely to alleviate his grief. So obviously no mockery, misplaced jokes, impatient sighs.

Show empathy and compassion , patience when necessary, and always honesty. Listening to what your ex has to say is also important and may make it easier for him to move on afterwards. You can answer their questions as best you can, but be firm about your decision. Don’t go into details, especially if you’re leaving it for someone else. And don’t turn into a shrink, don’t console each other for hours. It is not your role.

Keep your new happiness for yourself

Is breaking up a relief for you? In your heart and mind, have you already moved on? Maybe you’ve already started another relationship, and the transition is more than short. In any case, out of respect for your ex and not to hurt him, do not show your new happiness in broad daylight, and especially not at the time of the breakup. For its part, this is surely not a good time to spend, so put your big smile and your joy of life found in the closet for a few hours.

How do you leave someone without hurting them? Don’t leave false hope

Above all, be careful not to give him false hope. This is not about a break in your relationship , so be firm and clear in your words. Otherwise, your ex might be hoping to get you back and set out to win you back. The rule is therefore not to leave any vagueness. It is important to be clear with yourself when you break up with someone. Otherwise, we maintain hope in the other and we prevent them from starting their process of mourning in love and from turning the page.

You have made a choice, assume it to the end by leaving your life. If your common wish is to remain friends, that’s up to you. But do not maintain any ambiguous connection through messages, calls, “do you remember…” , or dates. It is no longer the time for nostalgia or regrets, and in any case it should not serve as a dressing relationship or confidant.

Indeed, you cannot break someone’s heart and comfort them at the same time . Before you broke up, you were the person supporting each other through tough times, but now that you’re apart, you can’t take on that role anymore. His family and friends are there to take over. Between you two, the page must indeed turn.

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