Confined with her ex: Charlotte’s testimony

Confined with her ex: Charlotte’s testimony

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

We have been confined for about three weeks and the situations are as diverse and varied as each other. Some are with family, couples, friends, alone, with their parents-in-law… Some are in houses with gardens, others in large apartments, still others in 12m2… However, there are many situations we hadn’t thought of. Like that of Charlotte who found herself in spite of herself, confined with her ex. Thank you to her for sharing her original experience with us! I let him speak!

Confined with her ex: For worse or for worse?

I am happy today to share my story with you because it will certainly make me take a step back on the situation and it will also make me think of something other than the mess I am in! First of all: know that I am well aware that there is worse in life, I am not a beaten woman , my relatives are well, I am well, it is clearly the most important. Nevertheless, psychologically I am on the verge of breaking a sweat on certain days!

Because being confined with your ex is not exciting!

Some think that when you are confined with your ex, you will be able to continue to sleep with, to give yourself little massages and to bang you bars in front of movies. Nay!

I’m already explaining my situation to you, how I got there

I stayed as a couple for 3 years. After the second year, we decided to live together . And, clearly, it didn’t work for us. I realized that what I was able to accept two / three times a week, going to his place; like the mess, the filth, the dishes lying around, his video games, his football, I could not endure it on a daily basis, at home. But that, at the limit, it is managed based on shouting games (no, I’m kidding, based on communication, are they hissing in my ear!).

Barely 3 months of living together and we argued every day

We argued every day for nothing! I don’t think we could stand each other anymore and living in a 30m2 for two in Paris doesn’t help. A studio which moreover is therefore no closed room to go and breathe a little. The tensions were becoming more and more palpable until the day I learned outright that he had cheated on me. So there, if you will, icing on the pom pom but ultimately, at least, it finally gave us a real reason to put an end to this nightmare. Because it had been 6 months I would say that love had withered away. My ego took a hit but I got over it pretty quickly.

And containment has arrived

Basically, we separated two weeks before the start of confinement . I’m not drawing you a picture, in two weeks where could we go? We have no family near us, our friends live in apartments even smaller than ours, not to mention that most of them have gone to live with their parents… We found ourselves faced with a fait accompli. I remember we looked at each other during Macron’s speech and laughed nervously.

Why is it the hell to be confined with your ex?

Already, I think it all depends on the relationship you have with your ex. Us, they are cordial on paper but in reality the more the days pass and the less we can supervise. He sleeps on the sofa and I sleep in the bed but, good to know: the sofa and the bed are in the same room !

I think we are doing everything to push each other to the limit, as if the situation were not already anxiety-provoking enough! We act like two kids, I think we both know it, but it’s stronger than us. This feeling of being lions in a cage, locked up, with for only social contact someone whom you have planned not to see anymore… We are going crazy !! Literally!

Live my life confined with his ex

I think the first week he didn’t wash once. It was starting, without messing around, to stink in the apartment! But the worst part is that I have to do his dishes because he decided not to touch a containment sponge! So either I don’t do it and I can’t cook myself, or … I really don’t have a choice. Because me, unlike him, I am not able to use the same pan 5 times without washing it (yes I live with a pig I tell you!).

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We don’t have a washing machine so that’s it, the stock of boxers and panties has been put in. I wash my underwear by hand … He doesn’t change any more like that, it goes faster.

I have the feeling of living in a pigsty, I am suffocating, I want to vomit, I can’t take it anymore!

We each go out once a week for the races but as he always forgets something, he stings it from me without asking my permission! These are things that may seem trivial to you who read me but I swear that it drives you crazy. I try to keep my calm but it gets really complicated. He spends his days playing network video games, I work from home. But he doesn’t mind talking super loudly while I’m in a meeting… Respect is dead.

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I’m living a nightmare

I spend hours looking at the ads on seloger and imagining myself in a small, clean and cozy apartment and above all, ONLY !!!

To you who read me, I am sure that confinement is not easy for you either and I send you all my courage! Let’s reassure ourselves by telling ourselves that it’s not joy, for anyone, and when you have a big slack, think of me who is locked up with Shrek!

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