Cheating for revenge: a big mistake

Cheating for revenge: a big mistake

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

Sometimes we are in a relationship and our partner makes us want to take revenge. We have been in so much pain that we feel the need to hurt the other as deeply as possible so that he can feel what we have felt. So, by dint of procrastinating in all directions, we say to ourselves that we could well cheat him to get revenge: a mistake not to be made! This act risks signing the end of your relationship!

1. Why do you want to cheat for revenge?

Take a moment to concretely analyze the situation. What did your partner do to make you want revenge? Let’s say he cheated on you! You tell yourself that you are going to do the same and show him that you are also capable of pleasing someone else.

Do you really think this will help the situation?

No, it will make it worse! No one will talk to anyone anymore, and your relationship will break up sooner than you expect. You are going to live a relationship of insults, blame, frustration and sadness. We cannot think of taking revenge to restore a situation, because that never happens! Eye for eye, tooth for tooth is a proverb that dates back 200 years! Today we no longer think in the same way, we think calmly and we imagine a solution to problems based on calm and reflection.

If you want to cheat for revenge because he cheated on you

I repeat, it will not help ANYTHING! If you want your couple to emerge victorious from this adultery, the only solution is to forgive. Some couples have managed to overcome infidelity , it is not impossible! It is up to you to know if you have the capacities and especially the will. But to think that you are going to be able to feel better by cheating on your partner for revenge, you put the finger in the eye. Because the situation will turn against you: whereas there, you are the “victim” and he the “executioner”, if you cheat on him to avenge you, he will hate you and will no longer want you. Because you will then have become the executioner in your turn.

2. There is better than revenge!

Revenge is easy, because you immediately respond to your anger to take action. When you are going to cheat on your partner, how are you going to feel? Do you really think it will give you relief? Never ! You are going to feel worse than before. It is possible to act differently and have much more convincing results:

  • Silence is the worst thing because your partner is going to hit a wall.
  • Stop the relationship for a while so that your lover can realize the harm that has been done.
  • Take the time to tell her how you felt when you opened your heart.

When the heart is able to speak, it directly touches the other person’s heart. If you let your anger speak, you will only touch the ego of your interlocutor. Be firm, don’t forgive right away and face him (her) with his responsibilities.

3. Forgiveness / The end of the road

As time goes by, you will have to make a choice. Either you can forgive or you decide to leave your partner. But it will be impossible to stay and regain confidence in the couple if you cannot fully forgive.

Forgiveness: So much healthier than cheating for revenge

If you decide to forgive it is because you are no longer looking for revenge. Time has been a saving grace and you are ready to truly forgive. This means that you do not forget anything, but that you give your relationship a chance . Forgiveness MUST be sincere and means that you are no longer living in anger.

End the relationship

If you can’t seem to forget and constantly live in fear that your partner will betray your trust again, it might be best to end the relationship. Remember that your mental and psychological health is essential for your development. Staying in a relationship that no longer brings you anything is shooting you in the foot! Have you tried to get past the sadness, but nothing helps? Decide to end your relationship!

In life, one should not live by the precept “eye for an eye – tooth for tooth”.

What matters is to live with an open heart and honesty. Learn to be who you really are: a person who seeks happiness and doesn’t waste their time in meaningless revenge.

Cheating for revenge: Conclusion

Cheating on your partner is just going to make you more angry and more sad. Don’t fall for revenge that is easy to do, but impossible to digest! If you do this, you are going to get into a toxic relationship that will turn into a nightmare.

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