Behaviors of a man who wants to break up: the 12 signs

Behaviors of a man who wants to break up: the 12 signs

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How do you recognize a man who wants to break up? Are there concrete, glaring signs that he wants to leave you? A man who wants to break up is a man who becomes distant, in many ways. And by taking this distance with you, your partner sends you the message that he wants to leave you, only he is afraid of your reaction or taking on the wrong role. By behaving in this way, he wants to clear himself of guilt or let things drag on. Concretely, how does this translate? What are the daily behaviors of a man who wants to break up? The following 12 signs are indicative of this process which heralds a future breakup.

Behaviors of a man who wants to break up: the 12 signs:

It is often said that one of the main characteristics of a man is that he keeps everything to himself. A man would find it difficult to express his feelings , to speak, to confide. And so, he would shut himself up when there was a problem and his behaviors would be awkward, cowardly or sometimes disrespectful . Why ? Out of fear or inability to take responsibility for things. Is this true in the case of a separation?

# 1 He gives less news

First sign, easy to see, it gives you less news, is less eager to write to you, call you, see you . Gone are the days of cute messages and calls that last, now he barely answers you, calls back every other time, gives you a short answer, no emotions. He is no longer the initiator of calls or messages and it even happens that he does not answer you!

# 2 emotional distance

He is also emotionally distant when you are together. It is silent and you feel like you are talking with a stranger or staying on the surface. Or he doesn’t listen to you anymore and he never remembers what you said. You are no longer so close, he no longer talks about what matters. Besides, you have noticed if you live together, that he comes home later and later, that he is distracted, absent , always tired , elsewhere, little concerned.

# 3 A lack of attention: one of the behaviors of a man who wants to break up

You realize that he is no longer paying attention to you, to what you are feeling, to your relationship. He is no longer interested in you and he no longer tries to please you. The little loving attentions have disappeared. Sweet words, kisses, but also everything that makes the complicity of a couple gradually disappear. As we know, attentions and proofs of love are essential in a couple. By losing them, he shows his estrangement from you.

# 4 Her social life is without you

Even if you each keep your independence and your special moments with your friends, you obviously share outings and common activities as a couple. Circle of friends, family, colleagues, you know them. But for some time that has changed. He avoids proposing or sharing activities with you, he excludes you from his outings and his projects. It is alone that he sees people, as if he needs to breathe, to spend a lot more time without you or that he no longer wants to include you in his social life.

Also, it happened to him recently, at the last minute, that he canceled a date with you. In fact, with others he is active, but not with you. You no longer spend a romantic evening, around a dinner or at the cinema or moments with family or friends. He builds a social life as if he were single.

# 5 Physical estrangement is one of the blatant behaviors of a man who wants to break up

Whereas before you were physically close and he was rather tactile with you, today this is no longer the case. Indeed, when you are together, sitting on the sofa for example, he no longer sits very close to you. With friends, he will not try to stay next to you or send you small gestures of tenderness. He no longer kisses you like before, no longer takes your hand, no longer hugs you. Your intimate life is not the same as before, you hardly have sex anymore. He no longer shows desire, he has become cold and distant . The physical distance, the decrease in desire in the couple is then as obvious as the lack of communication between you.

# 6 her priorities have changed

It’s difficult to admit and yet, everything suggests in his behavior that your relationship is no longer his priority . He no longer considers you important in his life, he seems to have other desires and other projects. It is as if your paths became parallel. Everything takes you away and it doesn’t seem to worry him; he builds his life without taking your relationship into account. Either he takes your relationship for granted and you just have to follow or he will move forward without you, or he puts you last in his priority list. It is obvious that you are no longer the center of the world for him, that you are no longer his priority and that he longs for something else.

# 7 Behaviors of a man who wants to break up: he criticizes you

Lately, he’s not only avoiding you, he’s questioning everything you say or do. Nothing suits him, it’s like you’re doing everything wrong and he no longer finds anything good about you: your behavior, the way you dress, your interests. He denigrates you, criticizes you, belittles you, in short , there is nothing positive about your communication and your exchanges. Besides, talking to you seems to cost him an effort, it is as if seeing you has become unbearable. And yet you haven’t said or done anything special to put him outside. If it becomes undrinkable or even nasty, that is not acceptable.

 # 8 He pushes you to the limit

In fact, he doesn’t just criticize you, he does everything to make you lose your calm and push you to break up. Making you lose patience, disappointing you or taking distance is a way of showing your distance but without taking responsibility for a clear and assumed decision. Unable to break up on his own, he can therefore continually seek arguments, hoping that you decide to end the relationship. But why is it so difficult for him to tell you that he wants to leave you? Fear, procrastination, cowardice, guilt , several reasons can explain it.

# 9 It has become a ghost: its absences are behaviors of a man who wants to break up

For some time now, he has left for work before you do without saying goodbye to you. In the evening, he comes home later and later, using the pretext of long meetings at work or meetings with his friends. The worst thing about this situation is that you can’t communicate anymore, because Monsieur is never there. You live with a ghost, a draft that mistakes the house for a hotel and absolutely no longer cares about you and your couple. It is as if he had given up the game, he leaves you to fend for your questions and your doubts, the escape is easier for him.

# 10 He’s sleeping

Worse still, he is not satisfied with leaving very early or returning very late: no, he loses his bed… At first, he finds excuses not to come back in the evening: a business trip, a too drunken evening at a friend’s house … But as and when it has become recurring and on top of that, he doesn’t clearly tell you where he’s going and who he’s with when he’s out. This is obviously a bad sign and subject to several interpretations. He no longer wants an intimate relationship with you, is he cheating on you, is he looking for a way out? You have time to contemplate the worst while he does not take responsibility and leaves you in the grip of doubt and ignorance.

# 11 Future plans with you, that no longer interests him

Before, you loved to talk about your future together, the number of children you would have, your marriage, the house you were going to buy … Or just your next vacation or the weekend to come. But now it’s over, it doesn’t seem to interest him anymore, he remains very vague while avoiding making promises to you , and you can see that he is avoiding any joint future project with you. In fact, he no longer projects himself with you and therefore he does everything to avoid this kind of subject so as not to lie to you, to make you hope or to have to tell you the truth. He saves time, not yet knowing when or how to leave …

# 12 he wants to take a break

Conversely, he has decided to make a decision and he asks you to take a break . Of course, this is not yet a definitive break. He says he needs to think, to take a step back, to know where he is and what he still feels or not for you . A break in the couple is not necessarily synonymous with a final break and recoupling sometimes works. That said, we must still keep in mind that this can be an excuse or a pretext to leave by the back door, leaving hope that in the end never coming back.

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