Am I possessive in love? The 9 signs

Am I possessive in love? The 9 signs

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

Possessiveness is a reaction we can have when we are in love or very attached to a person. We like to think that when we love someone, this relationship is exclusive and very special and that our partner does not have it with anyone else. The problem is that it can become very dangerous when you feel the need to own the other, to control almost everything they do and do. Even if this is unconscious, it is unhealthy behavior that can lead straight to a breakup in the couple. To love does not mean to possess and invade the other. Am I possessive in love? To help you see more clearly in this behavior, here are 9 signs that show that you are possessive in love.

Am I possessive in love? The 9 signs

# 1 You are jealous of everything

The possessiveness and jealousy are quite similar feelings. You feel jealous of anything and everything and especially of people who are close to him. You can’t help but constantly question him about this or that person. In fact, you are jealous of the good times he spends with someone other than you. Excessive jealousy is therefore a flagrant sign of possessiveness.

# 2 you become accusatory

With jealousy often come accusations . You blame him for a lot of things when you know that most of your accusations are unfounded . But he’s stronger than you, you can’t help but think that he’s hiding something from you, that he’s flirting with one of his girlfriends for example. You therefore your guy to lie to you or not to tell you the whole truth which is similar. Here is yet another sign that you are possessive in love.

# 3 Am I possessive in love? Yes, if you need to be in control!

Telling him how to dress, to behave with your family or friends, to make all the decisions, even the most mundane… All of this obviously sounds like a strong need for control over your partner. You want things done according to your desires and you even get you angry if he makes a decision contrary to yours. The need to control, like jealousy, is a clear sign of possessiveness.

# 4 you often get angry

It is not necessarily your character at the base, but you cannot reason with yourself. If he acts in a way that displeases you, you cannot maintain your composure and you lose all your means. You find that he doesn’t dare say anything anymore for fear of arguing with you. This is not healthy behavior for a couple, possessiveness is gaining ground, be careful.

# 5 you can’t stand him having girlfriends

Is there that famous childhood friend who annoys you? Every time he talks about her do you feel that you are losing your means and that anger is near? Let’s not talk about it when he sees her for a coffee … This feeling of extreme jealousy is an obvious sign of possessiveness. Your partner had a life before you, you have to accept and trust him. This need for possession and the urge to isolate him is not good for either of you.

Am I possessive in love? The other 4 obvious signs!

# 6 you have to be what’s most important to him

The childhood friend you refuse outright, her friends also and sometimes even see her family. In the end you realize that what you want is for him to be exclusively yours and no one else. This exclusive and therefore possessive side is obvious in this kind of behavior. By doing this you will suffocate him and he will not stand it. It is unhealthy behavior that will have the sole purpose of making you both suffer .

# 7 You’re always right

Granted, being confident and ambitious are important qualities. On the other hand, if you make your partner feel it in a strong enough way, it becomes rather a big fault . He’s going to feel like you always want to be right and that you know everything better than him. In short, he will think that his opinion does not count and this will have the effect that he will no longer want to discuss with you because he will not feel on an equal footing. Watch out for this attitude which is more than possessive towards your partner.

# 8 Am I possessive in love? The answer is yes if you spy on it!

Impossible for you not to dig in its affairs. Everything goes there: cell phone, bag, pockets of his clothes and his profile on social networks . You have this need to check everything because you can’t stand him hiding something from you. He is “yours” so you want to know everything down to the smallest detail of what he does or says about his day. Warning ! Everyone needs their secret garden, it’s human. And that does not mean that one does not love the other, as long as the secret garden that one keeps is obviously not harmful for his partner.

# 9 You want to shape it to your image

You don’t like when he takes an initiative that you don’t validate or when he buys an item of clothing that you don’t like. You want him to think like you, to dress as you like, to love the same things as you and to always agree with you … It comes down to manipulating him , shaping him to your liking. picture. This is behavior worthy of a narcissistic perverse manipulator. ..But you realize that this is not possible because it is bad to want to change a person against his will. Accept him as he is because deep down that’s how you love him.

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