7 signs that the person has unhealthy jealousy

7 signs that the person has unhealthy jealousy

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

Jealousy can sometimes be considered a proof of love in a couple, but only when it is trivial and fleeting. However, when this feeling is no longer controlled and it turns into an obsession, it can quickly become dangerous and spoil the existence of the ”  victim  “. At that time we therefore speak of sick jealousy. The fear of losing the other becomes disproportionate, irrational. How to recognize a person suffering from unhealthy jealousy? It’s complicated because it’s a destructive feeling that rarely manifests itself at the start of a relationship. Here are 7 signs that show that a person has unhealthy jealousy.

7 signs that the person has unhealthy jealousy

# 1 the obsessive idea

You prove to him by all means that you love him and that you are faithful to him , but nothing makes your partner not believe you. He seems convinced that you are hiding something from him, it is a love obsession for him. This conviction that he has therefore becomes unhealthy and he tries by all means to verify his statements: dig into your phone, scrutinize the slightest word or the slightest photo on the networks, look for any paper in your pockets … All these obsessions show sickly jealousy.

# 2 paranoia

In addition to the obsessive idea, your partner becomes more and more suspicious of you. At the slightest opportunity, films are made and his reactions become difficult to control . For example, you come home a few minutes late at night and immediately he’ll think you were with someone else, or you hang up the phone saying it was your mother and he won’t believe you. These are several everyday things that will quickly become unlivable because of this paranoia .

# 3 the need for control

Generally, people prone to unhealthy jealousy often demand or forbid each other things. If your partner forces you to no longer go out without him, come home immediately after work, no longer see your friends or even unsubscribe from social networks, this certainly shows unhealthy jealousy. This need for control will create real conflicts in your relationship because you will feel suffocated and develop a feeling of fear towards your partner.

# 4 “Harassment” : One of the signs that the person is suffering from unhealthy jealousy

The same thing happens every time: as soon as you are out of sight, panic  ! You receive dozens of messages and calls to find out where you are, with whom and what you are doing. Also, if you don’t respond within a minute, your partner gets angry and quickly becomes irrational . His behavior borders on paranoia and he believes you are cheating on him! These reactions are unhealthy and are signs of unhealthy jealousy.

3 other signs that the person has unhealthy jealousy

# 5 your partner never leaves you

Your partner sticks to you at all times, you can no longer be alone. He’ll even stop himself from doing things he loves just so he can be with you and check your every move. At first, the fact that he wants to be with you at all times may seem like a nice attention from him and a nice proof of love. However, if this happens frequently, it can become dangerous for the rest of the relationship because your partner will cease to have any personal life in order to be able to monitor you at all times.

# 6 Verbal violence : One of the signs that the person has unhealthy jealousy

Jealous sick people sometimes resort to a form of verbal abuse . They feel so “threatened” that you are lying to them that their behavior can turn aggressive . All it takes is an argument which escalates and can quickly take on significant proportions. These kinds of arguments can happen exceptionally in a relationship, but like being with you all the time, you don’t want these kinds of things to happen frequently.

# 7 Threats

We can talk about threats and also of ultimatums . Your partner will play on fear and blackmail by threatening you in order to be able to control the situation. A sickly jealous person cannot stand the person he loves escaping him, so he will use emotional blackmail to scare you and make you give in to his requests. In a healthy relationship we do not use blackmail or fear and even less threats because these only engender unhealthy negativity and possessiveness.

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