7 signs that prove you’re in a toxic relationship

7 signs that prove you’re in a toxic relationship

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

In a couple, each partner must keep his secret garden and his independence, this is the sign of a healthy and balanced relationship. You have to be comfortable in your relationship, stay yourself and feel safe. We know that a toxic relationship can do a lot of damage, just how do you recognize the signs? How do we realize that we are in this situation? Here are 7 signs that prove you’re in a toxic relationship.

7 signs that prove you’re in a toxic relationship

# 1 Endless criticism

When you’re in a toxic relationship, criticism is rife. You have the impression of never doing well, of never doing enough, of being worthless, useless, unworthy of the other. You receive a lot of hurtful , sometimes even humiliating , criticism . With these words, the other only demeans you , creating a climate of domination . It is often the behavior of a narcissistic pervert . Depending on your character, this can scare you or make you angry, creating a heavy and distressing atmosphere and a constant climate of tension. It is unlivable and more than unhealthy.

# 2 A permanent lack of respect

We all know that respect is one of the pillars of any good relationship. This respect should not be lost as the relationship evolves, it should be something everyday and ”  normal  “. Disrespect can be expressed in many ways in words , your partner speaks badly to you, with spikes , inappropriate behavior , lack of listening and consideration . If you feel like you are going through this in your relationship, it is a sign that it is unhealthy or is becoming so.

# 3 Total dependence

It’s like you don’t have your own identity . You have no interests outside of your partner’s. You don’t even dare to give your opinion on a subject for fear of arguing. As a result, you cannot find your place in your relationship, you feel in complete uncertainty, a form of dependence . This type of behavior causes an emotional dependence and strengthens the hold the other has on you. All this then leads to an unhealthy relationship in the couple .

# 4 A distance synonymous with indifference

Distance and independence are two important things in a couple. It is indeed essential to have your secret garden and your personal activities. However, if the distance is daily, you don’t do anything together, everyone is away very often and you don’t feel a connection between you, then something is wrong with your relationship. That you are indifferent to each other. If you don’t communicate and bond together, it can be dangerous for your relationship. You are going to lock yourself into a complicated situation of isolation and loneliness , two things that are incompatible with a healthy and balanced relationship.

3 more signs you’re in a toxic relationship

# 5 A climate of permanent tension

If play in a couple of healthy way that is entirely possible. No one agrees on everything, so it is possible that you sometimes conflict with your partner on a particular subject. It stays healthy as long as you listen to the other person , respect their point of view even if you don’t agree with their opinion on the matter. Where it gets unhealthy is when one or both of you stop listening to the other and get stuck. You enter into a debate which is sterile because no one listens to each other and accepts to question themselves vis-à-vis the other. For a healthy relationship, you have to be willing to compromise otherwise you will unfortunately lead your couple into a toxic relationship.

# 6 A lack of passion

We don’t say that you have to love each other passionately all the time, of course! When we have lived together for years, the routine is present and it is normal. However, when the passion is no longer present at all, when there is no romanticism on the part of your partner, when there is no more attention or tenderness, it is because your couple is getting together. wears badly. Indeed, if you come to this extreme, you can quickly move away from each other and make your relationship toxic because of this distance .

# 7 no mutual support

As a couple, we must support each other and count on each other in the event of trials and hard knocks. If you support each other, it will strengthen your relationship. Each couple, at one time or another, goes through hardships . If you are in an unhealthy relationship it will be quite the opposite. The couple do not support each other and neither of them will step in to help their partner when needed. At that point, you will come into a situation of disappointment , loneliness and bitterness . It will also be a sign that you are entering an unhealthy relationship.

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