Relationship dressing the 6 signs that you are right in it

Relationship dressing the 6 signs that you are right in it

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

Dressing relation, tampon relation, dodoes relation, Kleenex relation. So many pretty names to designate a harmful relationship that one forms too quickly to fill an emotional void . It’s a short relationship that kicks in quickly after breaking up a long relationship. The person who enters into this new relationship feels like they are ready to invest. Then after a while, she realizes that she has not had time to recover from her previous relationship, that she may need to be alone and she breaks the new relationship. How do you know if you are in a relationship like this? Did you create it? Are you undergoing it? Dressing relationship, the 6 signs that you are in the middle of it.

Dressing relationship, what is it?

This short relationship is a relationship that helps ” heal ” the previous break. Hence the term “ dressing relationship” . You might think that the person acts like this out of ease, out of fear of being alone, to forget about their ex  or all that mixed up. And this is often true. But this process can be unconscious at the beginning as the desire to believe it is strong.

Becoming a dressing relationship, a Kleenex relationship , it can happen to any of us. We’re just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong person. That’s all.

When we do not feel safe in ourselves, we look for a solution quickly outside of us.

It is the famous need for the blanket, the miracle solution, the savior . The problem is that sometimes where you think you have found the partner of your life, you get disillusioned. Why ? Because we are more in love with love than with the person in front of us . We rushed to the superficial qualities that we thought we perceived without taking the time to get to know the person in depth.

In the age of dating sites , this trend is multiplying . We seek above all to validate physical cohesion before really knowing the other. As if you had to check only the desire before seeing if the rest stick.

Dressing relationship: who is the other’s dressing?

If we follow up romantic relationships at full speed and without pause, we risk falling into the phenomenon of the relationship dressing. Either you are looking for a dressing partner because you cannot stand the post-breakup mourning period . Either you are dressing partner for someone else.

 This type of relationship can put you at risk of serious disappointment .

Your partner can leave overnight without warning, characterized by the technique of ghosting . He may return to his ex or realize that you are not suitable for him because he is not finished grieving. Or, on the contrary, he has finished his mourning and he is better, and where you idealized this relationship, for him it was just a solution to an emotional and carnal lack . It is also not uncommon to see emotionally dependent people , who are afraid of loneliness or abandonment and therefore have a huge need for love and recognition, rush into these relationships. They constitute a real cog.

Dressing relationship: the 6 signs that you are in the middle of it

The 6 signs that you are in the middle of it are:

1) you get carried away

You believe you have found love the moment you meet someone who is physically appealing to you and who is interested. As soon as there is reciprocity, you go headlong . In the haste, you confuse attraction and relationship, love and desire to live a story . You go too fast and you make movies.

2) No break between your relationships

Your stories are linked without a period of mourning in love. Besides, it is not a question of love but of relationships and adventures as it remains superficial and does not last. You want to believe it even if deep down you know that you are covering up your face.

3) Turn the page faster

The previous relationship was so complicated or ended so badly that we want to forget it as soon as possible. And we can have the impression that if we stay alone, we will not be able to optimally combat this situation. So we decide to get back together as a couple to transform negative emotions into positive waves. If for some people, the intention is good, most of the time, the work of mourning in love is obviously not done. And even worse, these people haven’t actually forgotten their ex and just want revenge or stoke the jealousy of their previous romantic partner.

4) Flash in the pan on his part

There it is the opposite, it is no longer you who get carried away but the person you meet. She speaks love at first sight but comes out of a long relationship and has not yet completely turned the page. His excitement and enthusiasm are in fact a flash in the pan that will subside in a few weeks. The big declarations after a few days, the suffocating sweet words, an immediate projection. It is often too much and it lacks sincerity . It’s a relationship that is often passionate at the start but ends badly. Because it was in fact a game of feelings more than a real passion. By need to reassure oneself, to test oneself to the detriment of the harm done to the other.

Other signs of a band-aid relationship

5) A relationship for lack of something better

Serve as a crutch , a hobby or even, more unhealthy, a point of comparison to better digest your breakup with your ex. That’s what it’s like to be right in the middle of a dressing relationship. It allows whoever creates it to find solace . It is sometimes unconscious, without trying to hurt but being selfish in spite of everything and clumsy . Some knowingly use the other while they mourn their love by abusing their time, their kindness, their affection. By sharing intimate moments above all, lightness, the ephemeral. They take advantage of a person available in case of blues or fleeting envy.

But this relationship for want of something better, out of spite, often involves only one person, it is illusory .

Without feelings or sincerity . If you behave this way or feel that your relationship is stagnating, that it doesn’t get past your bed and stolen moments, that you give a lot but the other nothing, then you are in a dressing relationship. Sometimes she can also be called sexfriends or “friends with benefits” . But without one of the partners being consenting for this absence of feelings. It is above all an unbalanced relationship.

6) An absence of feelings

No matter how hard you try to convince yourself, you experience sensations , in the end they don’t last. They don’t turn into emotions, let alone feelings. Too disappointed in the past, after too many disappointments, sorrows, disappointments are slipping over you now . If you do go into a relationship after dating anyway, deep down it is just a sham .

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You have to take stock of your emotions, you are not ready to open your heart again.


In order not to experience a dressing relationship, neither to create it nor to endure it, you must know how to take the time to mourn your past. It is a sign of emotional maturity . Respect yourself and be with a person who respects you , a person who does not seek to play, to fill a gap. We can all fall into a bonding relationship one day, whether we create it or endure it. We all have the right to be wrong. The key is not to repeat the same mistake because this has two direct consequences. Hurting the person who believed in that relationship and making you suffer as well . Because then you lose sight of your feelings and therefore what a romantic relationship really is.

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