I am not happy but I cannot leave him what to do?

I am not happy but I cannot leave him what to do?

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

Many women know this situation, it is also a topic of conversation that can be common between friends. Being in a relationship is not necessarily a guarantee of absolute happiness. Sometimes love is no longer enough; sometimes it is moreover love that is lacking . But it is difficult to weigh the pros and cons, to take the leap, to dare to leave. So what if you are in a relationship with a man but you are not happy? Should we stay, should we go? This article offers you some advice on what is possible to do, in order to answer this question: I am not happy but I cannot leave it, what to do?

I’m not happy but I can’t leave him, what to do?

Each couple has its own story, each person who makes it up is unique and for each the feeling of happiness is different. A woman who does not feel happy in a relationship can be for many reasons. And there are just as many reasons why she cannot leave her companion, spouse, husband. Here are some tips on how to successfully identify the reasons for this blockage and whether it is love that is at stake or something else. Whether it is better to stay or go.

A woman can hide behind many reasons that she believes are good but which are not always valid for not leaving her partner or husband. Every woman is different, but these reasons are often the same.

Why can’t I leave him?

1) age 

Often accompanied by this famous biological clock when we have no children yet. And the fear of being too old to start a new life.

2) children

They are the main reason mentioned why we stay in a relationship even if we are not happy. This is not to say that this is a good or a bad reason to stay in a relationship , it is obvious that the children are the priority . But often, we hide behind so as not to leave. It is legitimate, with the fear of hurting them, of disturbing them, the fear of destroying the established family by separating.

3) Material reasons

The  comfort of life is very afraid pragmatic facing many women who are thinking about leaving their spouse. Because it also means giving up a home , habits, comfort of life. Changing your lifestyle makes you lose your bearings, get out of your comfort zone. We often hide behind this fear at the beginning of our questioning.

4) I am not happy but I cannot leave him: Affective loneliness

The emotional loneliness often come with age, name of the lived. Indeed, after several failed and disappointing experiences, the fear of remaining alone arises . We tell ourselves that we will never find the ”  right one  “. Making a fresh start first requires celibacy and the acceptance of a certain emotional loneliness. It can be scary.

5) Its requirement rate

Conversely, we can also say that we are too demanding . Questioning yourself is a good thing. there, it is a question of taking in hand his happiness and identifying the real reasons of his discomfort within his couple. What are our requirements? Are they normal or abusive? We must not stay with someone out of spite, for lack of something better , or by thinking that it is our fault because we ask too much. You have to know how to analyze and measure your requirements for yourself and for your relationship.

6) Fear of the gaze of others

We must not neglect the family and social weight . When we plan to leave, we are always afraid of what others will see, what family will say, what friends and people in general will think. Who will support us? Who is going to turn their backs on us? Above all, you must not make your life according to others, everyone is responsible for their opinion and their life.

7) fear of him

This is the reason why you have to leave at all costs but it is also obviously the one that makes you stay the longest. If our happiness is impossible because of the behavior of the other, because he is manipulative, violent, liar , because of a serious reason, that we are no longer happy, it is obvious that we must go. It is long because it is fear that governs us but we must succeed in talking about it and asking for help to leave.

I’m not happy but I can’t leave him, what to do? To stay or to go?

There are imperative and fundamental questions to ask yourself next:

  • Do I still love her?
  • What do I miss to feel fulfilled and happy in my relationship?
  • Is there any chance for us to be happy together?
  • Do I want to?

Love is indeed fundamental to succeed in building a relationship.

Over the years, we can feel it more or less strongly. But if there isn’t this urge to wake up and lie down next to the person you should love every day, then there is a problem . If we still love the other, then there is hope because we want to stay close to him.

Why am I not happy? What am I missing? What makes me unhappy in my relationship? What can I do ? What can we do together to remedy this? Is there still something to do?

You really have to ask yourself these questions. Without hiding behind the reasons mentioned above. And based on that, we know if there is anything to save. Indeed, as much as one should not stay out of habit, as much as one should not leave for the wrong reasons.

I’m not happy but I can’t leave him, what to do?

After having done this inner work, this introspection , we can know the reasons for our unhappiness and know what to do.

To start, leave each other, we must overcome these fears that are actually the limiting beliefs. It is our fears that create blockages . Obviously, this is not an easy decision to make. There may seem overwhelming reasons for a fresh start. But all of these are not enough reasons to remain unhappy with someone.

Getting out of your comfort zone, of this immobility sometimes is necessary to find happiness. Take risks, take responsibility alone as a woman sometimes as a solo mom for yourself, to be happy.

There is nothing worse than being unhappy together, better to be alone than in bad company even if that is easy to say. The worst is not loneliness, it’s feeling alone when there are two of us.

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