How to find a balance in the couple? 7 tips

How to find a balance in the couple? 7 tips

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

Finding a balance in the couple requires finding the right combination between our similarities and our differences. In this article we will explain how to find a balance between the 7 essential components of a serene relationship. You will then find a balance in the couple and live the life of your dreams.

The 7 essential components to create a balance in the couple

1 – Love: The basis for balance in the couple

There are a multitude of definitions, but the only one that matters is: to be on a common path in order to build a future together. This implies accepting the other fully and unconditionally. You must manage to create a complicity and a common respect which will open the door of confidence and all hopes. Love accepts to make compromises in order to find common happiness. In a couple, the basis for being balanced is to love each other unconditionally.

2 – Respect – Trust

Love will not be able to grow if there is no respect in the couple . Let’s not forget the basics: if you don’t respect yourself – no one will be able to respect you. This means that you have to grow and mature in order to understand your problems and your childhood wounds . Otherwise, they will flow back into the couple who will suffer from lack of respect and trust. If you are of a jealous nature and you scrutinize the actions of your beloved: it is lost in advance! There will never be a balance in your relationship, because both will want to find answers that they will never find. Without respect and trust there can be no future in your relationship.

3- The acceptance of differences to find a balance in the couple

The balance in the couple also requires the acceptance of the differences. Indeed, you are two distinct entities with a different experience. There will inevitably be a multitude of things that will bother you about your spouse: the fact of playing on the console, going to see your friends, coming home late at night… It will be necessary to find a fair proportion between the differences and the compromises which will have to be done . Accepting what bothers you is a mark of respect, trust, and love. Warning ! I’m not saying that you have to accept everything, but that the notion of “accepting differences” is intrinsic to each couple .

4- Manage the emotional

The other isn’t there to put up with your mood swings or be your punching bag . You have to manage your emotions and not pour them into your relationship. This is why it is important to be balanced to find your balance as a couple. Your partner is there to listen to you and help you, but he will never have the status of a shrink!

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5 – Give up our childhood dreams

A couple is above all the “renunciation” of our past dreams. We will never have a perfect couple who meet all of our criteria. We have to face a reality made up of renouncements and surprises. Balance requires the acceptance of what is and not of what we would have liked it to be.

6 – Communication: The cement of balance in the couple

The crucial point remains and will remain communication between the couple . It sounds simple on paper, but it’s very difficult in real life. Indeed, we always think that the other understands what we say when this is not always the case. Which means that we come to blame him for his incomprehension when it is our fact that there is a non-understanding. To change the situation, you really have to take the time to talk to each other as much as possible as a couple. Silence will create distance and sign the end of the couple.

7- Create a common reality

A couple is the creator of dreams, projects and common desires. It will be appropriate to create your new World for two. To get to be balanced you have to speak, communicate , move and continually get out of your comfort zone.

Conclusion to find balance in the couple

A couple is a bit like a cooking recipe that requires the right proportion between different ingredients. If you add too much salt or the wrong sauce, your dish will no longer have the same flavor. The couple asks to combine the 7 described components in order to find a fair balance between the partners. You need to find yourself just as you need to open up to the outside world. You have to be close, but accept that the other can have his independence and autonomy. It is the juxtaposition of forces and differences that will create your wealth and your union.

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The absolute key for there to be a balance in your relationship is respect ! Learn to act with others as you would like others to do with you. If you can stick to this simple principle, your world will change.

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