12 signs to recognize a possessive and manipulative woman

How to find the bond of the beginnings in his marriage?

Over time, the couple’s relationship changes. We move away, we communicate less, we argue. Yet we still love each other … So how do you get your relationship back on track and rediscover the bond and laughter that made us fall in love?

How to live better together?

When we talk about possessiveness in love, we often think of women. On the other hand, when it comes to manipulation, we often tend to associate it with men. And yet, it is obvious that possession and manipulation can be, in love, the work of both without gender distinctions. Bad behavior is not the “preserve” of men, and some women can be cruel and toxic as well. A possessive woman is often described as a jealous woman, sometimes sickly. But what about when this possessiveness is associated with manipulation in the couple? When you are the victim of a manipulative woman, the feeling of shame takes an important place and makes it more difficult to talk about it. Whereas the problem when one is manipulated by a woman is the same as for the woman victim of a manipulative man: the psychological suffering and the difficulty to get out of the grip. So how do you recognize a possessive and manipulative woman? Are there any telltale signs? Well, yes and we explain here the 12 main signs to recognize a possessive and manipulative woman.

The signs to recognize a possessive and manipulative woman

There are two kinds of manipulative women

  • The narcissistic manipulator

She needs to be dominant in order to feel superior in her romantic relationship (and in her relationships with others in general). For this, she does not hesitate to humiliate, belittle or make her partner feel guilty in the event of dissatisfaction, frustration or anger.

  • The narcissistic perverse manipulator

It is much more harmful, because it is distinguished by a clear desire for destruction. The so-called “  castrating  ” woman is a typical example. This is extremely toxic behavior that one should beware of and flee from as quickly as possible.

12 signs to recognize a possessive and manipulative woman

# 1 jealousy

A possessive woman is jealous of anything and everything and especially of people who are close to each other. She is in constant questioning , in the coping and she cannot stand the pleasant moments that her partner passes without her. Impossible for her not to search. Everything goes:  laptop, bag, pockets of clothes and profile on  social networks .   She considers the other to be her property . Possessiveness is accompanied by manipulation in the increasingly sickly exercise of jealousy.

# 2 Constant criticism and accusation

With jealousy often come  accusations . A possessive woman will blame a lot of things when most accusations are unfounded. The woman who manipulates applies herself to making her reproaches a source of guilt . She always has something to say and manages to make people believe that everything is the other’s fault.

# 3 isolate your partner

Therefore, a possessive and manipulative woman is not going to do things halfway in the face of her unfounded jealousy. Does he have a childhood friend or colleague who takes up too much space? Too many women are interested in him? A manipulative woman cannot stand that her partner had a life before her and that he can please. His solution? Isolate his partner in the trap of his unhealthy couple.

# 4 Being the center of attention: one of the main signs to recognize a possessive and manipulative woman

What a woman of this ilk wants is to be the only source of interest and attention, the center of the world , is for the other to be exclusively hers and no one else. But above all that he only cares about her. The manipulative woman is egocentric , she only talks about herself and is not interested in others. She suffers from an obvious lack of empathy .

# 5 No questioning

She is always right , she knows everything better than the other, she accepts no argument and even less any reproach. A manipulative woman does not recognize her wrongs and never question herself. What she says is the only truth for her.

# 6 a control freak

Telling your partner how to dress, how to behave, to make all the decisions, even the most mundane, for him… All of this indicates a strong need for control . A control freak woman wants things to be done the way she wants. By doing so, she seeks to establish a relationship of power  with the aim of controlling and subduing the other.

6 other signs to recognize a possessive and manipulative woman

# 7 She takes advantage of each other’s weaknesses

She has the gift of making her partner feel weak and helpless in front of her. She constantly makes him doubt him to the point that he ends up wondering if what he’s doing is right.  Manipulative women exploit weaknesses  : your flaws, your failures, your injuries, your low self-esteem, your lack of self-confidence, your inferiority complex .

# 8 Want to change your partner

To consider the other as weak and inferior and to make him believe that it is the case, it is the first step in order to manipulate the other and then to model him in his image . It is indeed a behavior worthy of a perverse narcissistic type manipulator .

The manipulative woman is dissatisfied and does not accept the other as he is, she attacks him personally: criticism, devaluation, denigration, humiliation, mockery, belittling, in order to change the other completely.

# 9 Blackmail and emotional dependence: major signs to recognize a possessive and manipulative woman

The manipulator blows hot and cold; it sends contradictory messages such as:  “I love you”  then ”  break yourself c… ..!” ” She plays with the feelings, it abuses its charming strengths to put the man under control. For example, the manipulator will divert intimacy into a power game over her partner. Man then finds himself in a position of inferiority. In addition, she fully exploits any problem of emotional dependence that she is active in creating upstream: a typical example of manipulation.

# 10 A woman who thrives on toxic relationships

A woman who lives in possessiveness and manipulation maintains toxic and difficult relationships with most of the people around her (spouse but also friends, colleagues, parents, children, etc.). As a result, she has few friends or always chooses influenceable or weak people over whom she has control. And in love, she plays with her charm to soften men, establish her hold on them and control their lives. Toxicity is its mode of functioning in all its relations with others.

# 11 A desire for revenge

So what can explain such a mode of operation? Women who want to possess and who manipulate are often  liars, jealous, calculating or unfaithful . It is not uncommon for them to have been disappointed previously and want by doing so to take their revenge on men.

In the end, manipulative women recognize themselves by their lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. By taking power over men, they want to protect themselves, reassure themselves and compensate for their inner emptiness. They think that it is by behaving in this way that they will no longer suffer.

# 12 Psychological, emotional and sometimes physical abuse

The possessive woman will make the life of the other impossible through her jealousy. Associated with narcissistic perverse manipulation, she experiences pleasure in the face of the suffering of others. A form of emotional and psychological abuse then takes place. But to fully establish its hold, a manipulator will not hesitate to also physically mistreat the men who are then victims of physical violence. If it is rarer, it does exist and many men, ashamed, do not dare to talk about it.

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