The Weeknd Net Worth


The Weeknd Net Worth and Position

We are here to shed some light on The Weeknd Net Worth as the figure has been able to make a big impact in the industry of music by delivering top Hits music through the time. The star has consistently given a wide range of his music that stood out to be some big blockbuster hits and though have made records too by staying at major charts for a long period of time. The star is from Canada and is a talented recording artist and the total estimated net worth that he possess is $100 million which is remarkable.

He drops his songs on YouTube which also gets huge amount of views in time and he earns good amount of money from the side of YouTube too. The Weeknd has gone up to make a big image of himself throughout the world and that he is a very well known artist throughout and stand out as the face of hip hop and R&B music. It is said that Weeknd always delivers different type of music and does not stay in one line. The artist on the other hand has gone up to sell a total of his 70 million records and that is just in United States and the stats no doubt says that the artist has come out to be a very successful one.

The Weeknd known to be a big artist and that is throughout the world and talking about the fact that he is in partnership with group artist. His idol in the singing profession or the personality he looked up to were Michael Jackson. The main Plot which is provided in his songs is basically the intense issues regarding emotional support and also his music brings in vibes with electronic mixed with R&B music.

The Weeknd Net Worth

The Weeknd Net Worth and other sources of income

The Weeknd has no doubt reached some big heights and that helped him into getting other partnerships in businesses and that includes the deal which he signed with condom companies and also he is in collaboration partnership with Marvel. He has also been the big face of he brand Apple Music and talking about the fact that he has also gone up to partner with Puma. The Weeknd on the other hand has also brought up his own named company which consists of various merchandise that are sold by his name. He also earn some good number of shares in escorts company and that would eventually help him into making more profit.

Personal Life Status

The Weeknd has reportedly gone up to date the famous known model named Bella Hadid back in 2015 and that they also spend good time together and also were spotted time to time when they were out. The only thing which stood out as a hurdle for them both was the tight schedule that used to clash all the time and that then they proceeded further into breaking up back in 2016. The Weeknd also went on to date Selena Gomez back in 2017 and that they were together for a short period of time and went on to separate back in 2018.

The Weeknd Net Worth

Real Estate

Weeknd was able to earn some good money from his music in his career and that he went on to buy a penthouse in Los Angeles back in December of 2019. He later went on to put a Penthouse for rent and that was for $60,000 which was remarkable.

The star on the other hand also holds record of a land in the state of California which is spread for over three act area and thus he bought it for $18 million back in 2017. It was the time when he went on to list the property on sale for $25 million

The star has also been a part of controversy and thus was charged and arrested for misbehaving and that he also attacked a cop back in 2015 for attacking a cop in Las Vegas. The star went on to serve in Community Service for a total of 50 hours.


Weeknd has also gone up to win a number of awards through his time and also listing himself into big nominations where these big awards includes winning upto 3 Grammy’s and also billboard awards in a total of eight in number and many more big awards that he has gone up to win.

The Weeknd Net Worth

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