Phil Ivey Net Worth 2021


Phil Ivey Net Worth and Position

We are here to shed some light on Phil Ivey Net Worth as this figure has stood a role model for many poker players throughout the world and that he still continues to make an impact in the field. Phil has always been the one who was attracted to this game and always wanted to be a part of it. The total estimated Net Worth that he possess is $100 million. He is known as one of the greatest to ever set foot in Poker. Phil has won a number of competitions in his time and one of the biggest title he has earned through the period is of being eighth time champion in series of World Poker. His interest for poker does not just rise at a point and though at first he was attracted to the poker in online platform when at the time he was working at the firm of telemarketing. Whenever he used to get some time off his work, he then went on to play poker and whether it was with his co-workers, or at the time of breaks and when the day of work was over. Then this interest slowly took place at a level where he went on to stand at a professional level.

Phil Ivey Net Worth

Phil Ivey Net Worth and other sources of income

Talking about the fact that Phil has gone up to earn a total estimated figure of $19,500,000 or more as in today’s date and this record is from the competitions which take place in a live events. Ivey as an achievement has won the most remarkable award which is a bracelet from the World series of Poker back in the year 2002 and though eventually gone up to enlist his name in the top 25 or best ones in main event of WSOP. In a record he holds that is he was able to beat the opponents in a total number of 147 which helped him win his all time sixth bracelet in the road of his career at a known No-Limit Draw Lowball which took place back in 2009. He later went on to win many more competitions at the point where he later went on to win his eighth career bracelet at the event of H.O.R.S.E. The talented personality also had some setbacks in his career where he actually lost a number of times at World Poker Tour but eventually went on to win big price of $1,596,100 in the event which officially took place at the Commerce Casino.

Ivey then decided to continue in the competition of European Poker Masters where he went on and made it till the final table and though he finished it standing on he seventh position and a price money which was estimated $12,538. Ivey then showed up in a number of competitions such as NBC and many more where he also made his mark and ended up winning a good amount of price money. There was reported that the documentary of him is in planning but took a pause at the while just because the settlement did not take place and is yet to be done with a price settlement contract.

Phil Ivey Net Worth

His favourites

Phil has his own affection towards NBA and his all time favorite team is Houston Rockets and also L.A. Lakers on the alongside Ivey cheers for his team at a often rate and thus it is one of his hobbies. Ivey has also found interest in playing golf and so he likely go to play it as q side interest. He has also taken part in the competitions of gold which takes place on the regular basis. Ivey also has an interest in playing video games and that he regularly plays the latest games in time.

Charitable status

Ivey on the other hand is known to be a personality who gives donations to the charities regularly and that he is known to be a kind one where he has gone up to open his own organization known as Budding Ivey Foundation and though he brought this organization in the memory of his grandfather. One of the main objective of this organization is to grant the unprivileged children the opportunity to explore in the field of education by schooling them. Ivey has also been known that he often goes out to feed the homeless which is considered a big act.

Phil Ivey Net Worth

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