Matt Lauer Net Worth


Matt Lauer Net Worth and Position

We are here to shed some light on Matt Lauer Net Worth as the figure is a well known throughout and he stands famously as a former anchor and also talking about that he has been a host for a number of shows. The total estimated Net Worth that he possess is $80 million where the numbers took a rise after he was given some of the major projects to work on. He is mostly known or stand out than the rest for being a host on show of NBC which was named ‘The Today Show’ which ran from 1997 to 2017 where he then had to shut his show off because of the allegations of harassment that were put on him and the long running show finally came to an end.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

Matt Lauer Net Worth and other sources of income

Talking about the big point he was able to achieve in his career was at the time when he went on to host a famous show named ‘The Today Show’ and thus the revenue which came in through it was big and that was $28 million for a single year.

Life background

Matthew was known to be a big personality in time and that he came from nothing to hold everything today. He was born in the city of New York back in 1957. Matthew did his schooling like an average student and was reportedly good in a academics where he went on to move to study in Ohio University. He then decided to drop out of the college so that in order to pursue his own interest of career that was in television path and that he moved to West Virginia and though he went on to hold his first ever job as a noon cast news producer and that he went on to give every effort of his in this job and though was working from the time slot of 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. in order to represent himself as a reporter on a live on air office.

Talking about the fact that he was then working at WOWK-TV and that he used to plan and execute programs and he did a numerous number of them. He got a good response on one hand and that the audience views were rising and then he was assigned some major shows to host in some time as he was excelling through the time period. The TV icon then started hosting major shows and where he was assigned some of the major projects in the time.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

Allegations which were put

There were also some setbacks that came across his career and though which he was hurdled upon with and they were more like a controversial part which he was dealing with. The news was spreading around on a big not where Matthew harrassed an unknown woman who was the employee of NBC and though she moved forward on to make a complaint against him for sexually harassing her where the authorities took over the case in their own hands and though they came to an outcome of suspending the big TV icon and though the accusations which were kept did not stop and were made at a continuous rate and where it also affected the reputation of both NBC and Matthew.

Personal Life Status

Matt got married back in 1982 to a famous known producer of TV network named Nancy Alspaugh but their marriage fell apart after some time and that was from 1982 to the year 1988. He moved on to marry another TV show personality named and was a Dutch model named Kristen Gesswein and though the marriage fell apart after the allegations of sexual harassment where the settlement rate was also put after the divorce and that Matt went on to pay a total of $19 million to Roque.

Real Estate

The star was able to make a good amount of money in a period of time where he then moved on to buy a house in the city of New York and which cost him $3 million but the house consisted of an amazing view and also had other component of entertainment such as bars, tennis court and theatre to have a fun period at the time. He later went on to list the house for sale for an estimated figure of $2 million.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

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