Josh Altman Net Worth 2021

Josh Altman Net Worth

Josh Altman Net Worth stays unaware to many people as the man has been known for multiple professions that he works on or conduct. We are here to shed some light on his doings.

Josh Altman is best known and famous as a real estate agent and alongside he has appeared in reality shows as he is also known to be a television reality star. Josh with all his efforts throughout the period was deservingly named the best real estate agent in the country which was a remarkable achievement for him or anyone who wishes to acquire such achievement. He has been in this field for a long period and the specialization comes to Holmby Hills, Beverly, and the famous big one named Bell Air as these three are named as “The Platinum Triangle”. Josh with all his work put in has earned a good amount of money to be said and the total assets Net Worth of Josh Altman is $30 million as for 2021 and the numbers shall eventually rise as observing his performance and great run he has been on recently.

Josh Altman Net Worth

The Start

The starting of Josh consisted of hurdles that he need to pass and that he became a flipper and an investor but one thing was sure from day one that he was willing to put his best no matter what and reportedly he flipped eight of the houses and he wasn’t able to lose any money even once and which came out to be a remarkable status for the one who has just been in this field. After a period of time, he decided to run a company of real estate where he along with his brother Matt Altman joined forces together and they were commonly known as The Altman Brothers at the brokerage of the real estate named Hyland and Hilton. The specialization of the group came in when they had to sell houses of the platinum triangle.  At the time period when they were running this, there were also running their own company of brokers named The Altman Brothers Real Estate where they made the real impact on the grounds of real estate and went up to sell over an estimated figure of $100 million of property. They were well known outside their fields too as their good work was climbing high and gave them recognition through this and then got a chance to represent many of the famous athletes, actors and other celebrities. In the time period when Altman was working at Hilton and Hyland, he had a big potential so to say as he actually sold over an estimated figure of $40 million properties which gave him more of a credit in the field when it came to the face of real estate. During this period, he went on to sell a lot of properties were one he sold was $16.5 million in Beverly Hills where this one made its way on the list of sales as being the highest on the sixth position of Los Angeles and which included the best sixth one of all time.

Along with the work he had his grasp on, he made pretty sure that everything in the real estate was in order and so Altman on the other hand also decided to then appear in the reality show named Million Dollar Listing as being a judge alongside famous co-star Josh Flagg.

Josh Altman Net Worth

Josh Altman Net Worth with other ventures

Altman on the other has also appeared in a number of TV shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Hollywood Today Live and many more. The agent made his image throughout the fields and he has been excelling since then. It was the time when he decided to sell his own house for $8 million in the year 2017 in Hollywood Hills. He then went on to pay for the same house that he sold for over $2.75 million when back in 2014 and then decided to put it on rent at $38,000 per month. His house is located in one of the famous places and that one of the houses on the streets where he lives is of Jennifer Aniston and other famous actors. Altman then made up his mind to bring up all the struggles that he had to go through in order to give an idea to the people and inspire them of every hurdle so he then wrote a book back in 2015 which was named ITS YOUR MOVE and which doesn’t only have the talks of his life but also some major points when dealing in the field of real estate and more sort of a tutorial.

Personal Status

Altman was engaged back in 2013 with one of his co-stars of million dollar listing named Heather Bilyeu. The couple called their marriage off but eventually worked things and now Altman is having a happy married life with his family.

Josh Altman Net Worth

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