4 Ideas to Manage Risk and Improve Investment Returns

Managing your investment portfolio can be quite stressful, especially during periods of high market volatility and economic crisis. The last several years have been particularly tough years for individual investors given the performance of global markets over the previous decade. Over this period, developed equities markets including the U.S., U.K. and Western European markets have produced negative returns after accounting for the impact of inflation.

Here are four ‘IDEA’s for minimizing risk while maximizing investment returns. [Read More...]

Uh Oh, Trouble for Broker-Dealers or Should I Call Them Hedge Funds?

Last week broker/dealer MF global was downgraded by Moody’s Investors Services and promptly declared bankruptcy this past Monday.  MF Global’s sources of funding dried up like a kitchen sponge left in the sun, which stemmed from a loss of confidence mainly attributable to a sizable $6bn+ European sovereign (PIIGS countries) debt book.   In addition, according to the company’s second quarter 2011 financials the firm had total asset of $45.9B and equity …Read more…

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NWP Model Investment Portfolio Update #3

At the end of its third week in operation the NWP Model Investment Portfolio generated a total return of 7.77%, outpacing S&P 500 Index weekly returns of 5.98%.  Since its inception the NWP portfolio has provided a return of 8.82% and the S&P 500 Index provided a return of 7.76% over the same period. Thus far the use of levered-ETF to magnify exposures to U.S. large cap and emerging market equities has …Read more…

Introducing the NWP Model Investment Portfolio; Easy to Manage and Fun too!

On September 25, 2011 NetWorthProtect.com launched the NWP Model Investment Portfolio.  The Portfolio started with an initial investment of $100,000 and is composed of 11 Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs).  Every Friday we will post updated model portfolio returns and commentary. Also, if we change our asset allocation or trade out of a position we will provide an update and rational for our trading decision as well as …Read more…

Should You Leverage The S&P 500 Index In Your Retirement Investment Portfolio?

  Recently I sat down to think of possible improvements that I can make that will enhance the performance of my retirement investment portfolio.  Like most people, I have significant exposure to the greater U.S. equity markets with approximately 45% of my portfolio invested in large capitalization equities, which are components of the S&P 500 Index. The S&P 500 Index tracks the combined performance of …Read more…

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