The Dow Jones and what it does for the stock market


The Dow Jones and what it does for the stock market

Dow jones

The Dow Jones & Company commonly known as the Dow Jones was founded in November 1882. Its founders were Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser. The Dow Jones headquarters are located in New York and the Company was well known due to its publications and other related market statistics.

In 2010, the companies indexes were sold to the CME group. This made the company focus on financial news publication. The company has thirty stocks as we talk. With this, the company is ranked the best selling in the American states.

The price of their 30 stocks is determined by adding them all together and dividing them by a common divisor called the Dow Divisor. It should be noted that the Dow divisor is not static and keeps on changing frequently due to the splits and other related events.

How to invest and start earning in Dow Jones

You first need to research the thirty companies represented by the Dow Jones. This will help you determine whether the companies fit you for investments objectives. You can perform this by consulting the companies investor relations departments, and request a … Read the rest

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