1. Make time to play like a little kid; run and jump, use your imagination and pretend
  2. Cook a fancy 5-course meal from scratch and serve it to a group of friends who were expecting a simple barbeque
  3. Keep a journal and re-read your entries a few times a year to reflect on your thoughts
  4. Help a random person anonymously; Pay the toll for a car behind you or help a stranger in need and walk away without a financial reward
  5. Sprint at full speed; Do something that makes you out-of-breath.  Jogging is great, but a good sprint every once in a while reminds you that you are alive…
  6. Initiate a conversation with an interesting stranger, listen and learn about where they live, their history and what they do for a living
  7. Rent a beach house at least once; You don’t have to get a fancy beachfront home, just something simple that let’s you wake up to an ocean view everyday you are there.  Swim in the ocean and under the waves
  8. Own at least one custom suit or dress that fits you perfectly
  9. Sing your favorite song at a packed karaoke bar
  10. Learn the basics of sailing, the ocean and how to tie knots.
  11. Call in “sick” to work and spend the day with your significant other or spouse dreaming about your future together
  12. Take a least one trip where you “wing-it”: i.e. fly to a city or town you have never been to before without a hotel room booked or a plan, just a little money in your pocket and an open mind….
  13. Own a convertible car at least once in your life
  14. Take at least a few vacations (consecutive days off from work) that 2 full weeks or longer.
  15. Go camping and truly “disconnect” from the world:  Shut off your phone, do not bring your computer and sleep under the stars with some good friends for a few nights
  16. Catch and cook your dinner:  Go fishing or hunting and catch, clean and cook your own meal.   (Fishing works best for me. I am not much of a hunter, but I sure love fishing!)
  17. Take a beer brewing or wine-making class
  18. Spend the money to get a high-quality, full-body massage treatment.  You body (and your  mind) will love you for it.
  19. Do something that is a little bit scary for you.  Take that 24-hour plane flight to Australia to swim with great white sharks that you always wanted to do, but were too scared.
  20. Do whatever it takes to develop good sleep habits.  Sleep is so vital and the better you sleep, the better you live.

What have I left off the list??

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  12 Responses to “My List of 20 Ways to Rejuvenate and Dream”

  1. This is a great list. I personally really enjoy keeping that journal to reflect on every so often. Its really important to keep yourself connected and generating dreams and ideas. You’ve got some great suggestions here I that I plan on trying. Thanks!

  2. These are some great ideas! Finding time to play like a child is a favorite of mine. Nothing like being a little kid again to find that youthful passion.

  3. Inspiring post! Every one should have a list and I think always motivate you to work hard and fulfill your wishes. “Rent a beach house at least once”- this is already in my bucket list.

  4. I would like to add that my dream would be to make money from my dream by making it my job!

  5. Great post! its like a bucket list for the young!

  6. So true. People need to relax and let go and just trust–they will find their way

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!

  7. Watch the beautiful sunset by the seashore after a very hectic day. I couldn’t agree more with number 20. Sleep is really very essential.

  8. Sometimes you just have to get of the way of yourself. If that means learning how to brew beer then so be it!

  9. HAH! Last time I paid the toll for the car behind me, the toll guy took a dollar from the driver! What kind of karma is THAT??!!!

  10. [...] My List of 20 Ways to Rejuvenate and Dream – via @NetWorthProject [...]

  11. Love this one: for me traveling without pre-booked hotel and camping are no-go areas. But you are probably right that to keep a dream and off load the ‘bad stuff’ one needs to do it.

    I would add ‘make sure that the last thing you see in your mind before you go to sleep every night is a picture of your dream’ and ‘get to the top of a mountain and shout loudly’.

  12. Travel the world with nothing except what you can fit in a backpack.

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