10 Reasons To Love Christmas



I love Christmas, it is great time of the year!  The parties, the celebration, giving, receiving, seeing friends and family, in my eyes this is what life is all about: connecting with the most important people in your life.

Here are 10 Reasons that I love Christmas PLUS, 5 Reasons to love Christmas even if you do not celebrate Christmas.

  1. Giving to others ALWAYS makes me feel great!  This year out picked out cool gifts (in my humble opinion) for my little nieces and I can’t wait to watch them tear open the presents.  Makes you feel like a kid again just watching…
  2. Seeing people I love (including my cute wife).  This is really great, the whole family gets together and celebrates each other, not just the formal Christmas/religious events.  Connecting with my friends and family is very important and what better way to do it then over some egg nog and gift giving!
  3. Spending Money!  You heard me right, spending money.  As many of my regular readers know I am a saver, I like to save, I like to budget, I like to make sure I save enough and then double-check that I am saving enough.  But at Christmas
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