10 Reasons To Love Christmas



I love Christmas, it is great time of the year!  The parties, the celebration, giving, receiving, seeing friends and family, in my eyes this is what life is all about: connecting with the most important people in your life.

Here are 10 Reasons that I love Christmas PLUS, 5 Reasons to love Christmas even if you do not celebrate Christmas.

  1. Giving to others ALWAYS makes me feel great!  This year out picked out cool gifts (in my humble opinion) for my little nieces and I can’t wait to watch them tear open the presents.  Makes you feel like a kid again just watching…
  2. Seeing people I love (including my cute wife).  This is really great, the whole family gets together and celebrates each other, not just the formal Christmas/religious events.  Connecting with my friends and family is very important and what better way to do it then over some egg nog and gift giving!
  3. Spending Money!  You heard me right, spending money.  As many of my regular readers know I am a saver, I like to save, I like to budget, I like to make sure I save enough and then double-check that I am saving enough.  But at Christmas time, I spend.  I spend on others and I spend on myself (new MacBook Air, oh yeah baby!).  This is why I save all year, and work hard every day, so I can spend and enjoy.  And its OK to do it as long as you live within you means and spend within your means.
  4. The spirit!  I went to Rockefeller Center last night to see the giant Christmas tree and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, it was just great.  Many of you know that I live in New York City and as a local I usually would not be caught dead at a tourist trap anywhere above 14th street, but Christmas time is just different.  Everybody was super cool and just all about having fun and enjoying the sights and spirit.
  5. Santa Clause is awesome.  Do not dispute me on this, I will not relent.  He is a big fat guy in a crazy red suit and his entire job is to distribute gifts.  How can ANYONE be anti-Santa Claus, come on…  Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, you know exactly who Santa Clause is, that’s because he rocks.
  6. Eating way too much food is totally acceptable.  Yes, Thanksgiving is a fierce competitor to Christmas in this regard, but Christmas really takes the cake (pun intended).  I started at the work Christmas party 2 weeks ago and have not stopped since and this is going to carry through until New Years day.  I am going to eat a lot and do it with a smile.
    Eating way too much makes me exercise more.  The best part about power eating through Christmas is that I will work out more to counteract the massive calorie intake that  defines the holiday season.  Nothing like a 5 or 6 mile run to kick off Christmas Eve!
  7. Giving back to the community.  This is the season where you really see people helping other people out when they need it most.  Donations, toy drives, Salvation Army, Veteran’s organizations, etc… these things are all about helping others that are less fortunate than you are, and that feels good.
  8. Parties!  I love parties!  Christmas parties, work parties, family parties, etc…  Yeah, party time is always a good time.
  9. Doing something out of the ordinary.  Last night my wife and I and a few good friends went to the Lobby Lounge on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Orient Hotel in Columbus Circle.  This is a high-end hotel, basically way out of my league, but it was awesome to order a vodka martini and sit on top of the world with the one I love


5 Reasons to Love Christmas Even if You Don’t Celebrate Christmas:

  • You get time off from work! (usually…)
  • The world is your oyster:  Go to a movie theater and you will see what I mean, you will finally get the good seats.
  • Chances are you will be invited to a Christmas Party and you will get free food and drinks.  I know there is nothing truly “free” in this world (i.e. you have to put up with Christmas music, etc), but try to enjoy it anyway.
  • Work is slow, so you can get to that project that has been on the back burner for months.
  • Christmas sales; need to buy something?  Well now’s a good time to bargain hunt.



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